Favorite Tech Projects from 2015

2nd Semester

Sammiya Robertson


My Storybird Project

My Storybird Project

In my storybird project I wrote about how someone had the best sleep ever. They dream't of being all kinds of things. Also they thought they were things they would've never thought of being. I learned how to work storybird and put pictures and text together to make an awesome kid story. What I did to make this project one of my best is by putting in so much work to make it nice for children to read.

My Picture Editing Project

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What I did to make this project one of my best by changing how the original pictures looks and make it more creativity and unique. I did plenty of changes to make it so it could not look like the original pictures and it turned out to be a success.

My Collage Project

In my collage pictures project I made 3 different collages. The first one is all my friends, the second one is about my school, and the last one is about the things I love. I learned how to put pictures together and add text on top on my pictures. I had made it one of my best by putting things in there I love and adding my friends who have been there for me.

My Smore Biography Project On Nicki Minaj

The smore project was my first project and also my best one of them all. I really like this one because it is all about my favorite artist NICKI MINAJ. She is so inspiring and talented and I look up to her. I learned how to make a nice flyer and add all kinds of tools on it.
Thematic Project #1

This is about some of the events Nicki Minaj had went to.

Thematic Project #2

These pictures about atherton.

My Tagul Word Cloud Project

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The tagul project was a great success, by letting me add words that describe me and people that is close to me. I like the shape I put for it, It's a "S" like superman because my name start with a S and I love how it all blend together for me. I learned how to add alot of words to it by putting how many I want on there instead of typing how many times I would've liked on there.

My overall experience in tech class this school year.

This is my first year in Ms.Storm's Tech class. I learned a lot from just being in here for one semester. I know how to do things I didn't know how to do before I got in this class. There are new apps I learned how to use and some of the apps come in handy. I never thought I would like this class, I thought it was going to be annoying or just a boring class but it turned out to be a good class. I had a few problems in the beginning of the semester but then I got over it and continue to get my work done. I would recommend people who choose this class next year to be prepared to learn new things and turn they work in on time.