"Film is our literature" by David Strathairn

Paris at all costs

Paris at all costs.

Paris à tout prix(2013-France)

Director: Reem Kherici. Cécile Cassel(Actor, Host)

Maya is a young Moroccan girl and since many years ago resides in Paris.Her life is like any another young Parisian. She works in a fashion magazine, and goes to parties with her friends. One night, her life takes a turn: in less than 24 hours, their papers expire , and have to be deported to Morocco.

We think this film reflects the live of young migrants now. They usually have problems with their document identities. It doesn't matter if they are still studding or working. They are being deported, and they have no possibility to get a good future.

Anna Ceesay and Cristina Falero


Great choice!

Dear Anna,
Thank you for the wonderful review of this film. I really think it is worth watching, as it clearly depicts the problems concerning migrants nowadays.
Laskarina, EFL teacher (1st Senior HIgh School of Kesariani)


“BUSCANDO EL NORTE”("Looking for the North"), A3 SERIES (2016)

Two brothers, Alex and Carol, want to follow the path their compatriots sat out on 50 years ago. Sick of being at the end of the row of more than 5.000.000 unemployed, Alex and Carol decided to emigrate to Germany so as to scape from a shattered Spain, before the rubble falls down on them.

It’s a good series because we can see all the differences between Spanish and German people, their traditions, their culture, the way they look at life and how they face the difficulties. We highly recommend this series because it’s very funny and entertaining.

Xènia Solanes

Neus Velasco


Thank you!

Dear Xènia,
The series you have described reminds me of the Greek workers who had to go to Germany in the 1950's to find a job because there was no work for them in Greece. Today, many people migrate again: doctors, teachers sometimes.
I will definitely look for these series because I would like to see how peoples live all over Europe.
George, Kesariani


The Kite Runner is a 2007 American drama film directed by Marc Forster.

This story is immersed in Afghan culture, in a distant country and devastated by decades of war. The story is transmitted from the point of view of a friendship between two young children.

It talks about universal themes as family ties, childhood friends, the value of forgiveness and salvation through love. This story shockes readers of any cultural and social background.

The central idea is very powerful, no matter what has been done in the past, there is a way to be good again.

What most impressed us is faithfulness between friends. It's awesome to see the scene when Amir returns home to compensate his friend. In fact, what he did that day does not defend him.

It shows the hard face of the Afghan war. We believe we should be more sensitive to wars that are happening around the world, as well as the situation of migrants and refugees. These situations, which our governments do not inform us, and they should do, tell us a biased version of the reality.

Irma Rodes

Sergi Parrila

Elisa Vives


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Our resource is a film: “Paris a toda costa”.Paris à tout prix(2013-France) Director: Reem Kherici. Cécile Cassel(Actor, Host)

We’ve chosen this film because of the story. Reem is a girl who leaves her origins because she doesn’t agree with them. She goes to Paris to live her life like she wants, having her own rules.

Reem needs to retour to Marroc to realize that there are positive things in her culture. She has a lot of prejudices and stereotypes but she learns to change her mind.

We really love this film because you can see how a person can change his way of see the reality. When she arrives she realize that her prejudices are wrong because she spend very good time with her family, she fall in love, they recognizing her as a woman… Then, she changes her opinion about the culture. She discovers how to love her origin.

If Reem can open her mind, why the other people can’t do it? All people are able to change the prejudices that limit them, we have to understand that the prejudices are always negative because we can lost a pretty person, an awesome culture, a fantastic experience because of the stereotypes. Think about it! And open your mind!

Marta Valdellou

Míriam Puig


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The Brides

This film was about some young women from a small island in Greece, I think it was Kastelorizo. They had to migrate to Australia, because there was nothing to do in their island. At the center of the story is the concept of pre-arranged marriages. These women had to migrate because they had to get married to people they didn't know but they would meet in Australia. The grooms picked them out from their pictures. Such a sad story.

By Despina and Elena 1st Senior High of Kesariani

Story of Anne Frank

In these eTwinning videos we have seen the way of life they have in other countries. We have seen the difficulties to overcome the adversities that life offers you. Besides, we have set in the clip of children having fun with the slightest regardless of the situation in which they live. Viewing these videos learn to appreciate more the things around us , because many people are happy with simple things and that we do not give the importance and other far do not have enough . For this reason, we believe it is better not having but who else who least need. · On the other hand we want to show another story of our old that marked a before and after.
Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who has to go into hiding during World War Two to avoid the Nazis. Together with seven others she hides in the secret annex on the Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam. After almost 2 years in hiding they are discovered and deported to concentration camps. Anne’s father, Otto Frank, is the only one of the eight people to survive. After her death Anne becomes world famous because of the diary she wrote while in hiding.

By Montse Gardeñes and Montse Clavé

INS Ronda

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To Monste and Montse

Dear Montse and Monstse,
The story of Anne Frank is very touching indeed. I have read it and I couldn't believe this girl was dead in the end. It made me think that she could manage to escape! It is a very sad story that shows how people can be cruel to other people because of their place of origin. It is so depressing! It is also very sad that we still see problems of discriminating against people because they are different.
Thank you for your recommendation!
Christine, Kesariani

Bread and Roses-

Bread and Roses, Ken Loach, 2000

The film we like the most about migration is BREAD & ROSES. It’s about a mexican family who ilegally moved to the EEUU to try to survive.

Maya got a job with her sister in the cleaning service of a bussines centre. The first two months she had to give part of her salary to the person who gave her the job and she also had to renounce to her social life. Maya worked with a lot of immigrants and she discovered the way they worked, the conditions are very awful if you don’t have the papers in order. A meeting with Sam who’s a passionate activist, is decesive to start a fight with all her work team to get better conditions in her job. This fight put her an her sister in troubles because her boss threaten to fire them from work and also from the country.

“Pan y Rosas” is a film about how the most marginate comunities of L.A. try to deal with all the bosses fighting against all odds.

By Laia Casanovas and Sheila Banzo


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Resistance is a film representing a survival actions undertaken by a group of discriminated groups during World War II. The situation reflects that during the construction of concentration camps for execution of the genocides of the time, a group of people together, whole families for an escape plan from attacks by the military. They head to the depth of the forests where they survive for long periods with what nature offers, building temporary camps, military sources mugging and facing to get food and other supplies. In the group there is a social organization and ability to distribute tasks subsistence.

In my opinion is a great movie to reflect on our attitude with a strong and resilient spirit, can achieve great goals in life and when we are experiencing an unfair situation, we have the power of decision to act rather than be trampled repeatedly ...

By Uriel Triñaque


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Play about migration in Kesariani!

Dear Maribel and hard-working Students,

This year, one of my fellow teachers, the very talented maths teacher, Mr Katerelos, wrote a play about migration.
Our students love it and It is a blessing that some of the participants also take part in our eTwinning project!
They are to talk about what it feels like to be a refugee, even if they only pretend to be one while on stage. The play connects the past with the present, as it starts off with the main character who has just arrived in Kesariani after being forced to abandon her home in Asia Minor. More details coming up in future posts...
Laskarina, EFL teacher, Kesariani
The following video is footage recorded after refugees arrived in Greece from Asia Minor in 1922. No sound available.
Σμύρνη Αθήνα Πειραιάς, οι πρόσφυγες του 1922

To Maria(migration play)

I'm glad you've been able to do despite having difficulties. Many spirits and much strength.

By Núria Adsuar

To Elina(migration play)

It is difficult to get into the skin of a refugee person. We think you should look for specific information and be given the chance to talk with people who had been through this situation


To Maria and Elina,

Hey Maria and Elina,

I think that despite the difficulties you have produced the theatre and I'm sure you will come out very well. You have my support and strength to do so.

You'll be happy when you see your work finished. And all people will be able to see a workpiece to enjoy it.

By Marta Gardeñes



Life Is Beautiful (1997).Roberto Benigni, who co-wrote the film with Vincenzo Cerami. Benigni Guido Orefice, a Jewish Italian book shop owner. Maybe he employed his fertile imagination to shield his son from the horrors of internment in Nazi concentration camp. Part of the film came from Benigni's own family history; before Roberto's birth, his father had survived three years of internment at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.


We chose this film which deals with the Holocaust because it is a fact that marked the history of the world where many people died.

We were impressed how to deal with the situation that has the father, the way how to take things with a sense of humor and especially how this situation tells his son to live it the best way possible.

Guido, the father, looks at the simplest things in life, the laughter, the joy of living regardless of adversity, perseverance in love while in Dora, which leads from Benigni a funny comedy with a happy Guido stopping in the simple things of life, laughter, joy in life despite adversity and perseverance to conquer Dora; through the formation of the family, up to the horror of war and separation in the concentration camp.

We have chosen this film because we believe that the attitude taken by the main character is a good strategy to know more information about this topic.

By Joana and Alexandra

To Joanna and Alexandra

Dear Joanna and Alexandra,
What a great film this is!
I have watched in the past and I think it always manages to teach us something about life itself. Never give up! It is amazing that the father always finds the courage to see the good things in life and try for the best for his child despite the adverse conditions they have to live in.
Helen, Kesariani
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To Maria and Elina

We think that performing a play is a good idea. We are very happy for you. It could be difficult to be in refugee's skin. Well done!!. We think that if you strain like this, you will achieve good results, congratulations.

By Sergi Allué and Laura Gómez

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To Elina

It's really a good idea to perform a play about refugees.We understand that performs could be a complicated, specially when you're thinking about the situation that these people live.

you do not see what living really do not know how they feel and how hard it is . We wish you luck in the play.

Carol and Cris.

To Elina and Maria

Hi Elina and Maria, we have noticed that you are preparing a theatre play! It's so cool! We hope you can resol any little problems... The Integration's class, also made a little theatre play in Lleida and in Saragossa, it was very funny! If it's possible, we would like to see a little part of your play. Thank you! Have a good time!

Marta Fernández and Montse Clavé

To Elina

Hello, we are Joana and Alexandra and are students of Integración Social. Elina, we think it could be hard to represent the situation that refugees are living.

The refugee situation is very difficult and we cannot imagine how they feel today and how these things can happen nowadays.

By: Joana and Alexandra

From: INS Ronda, Lleida (Catalonia, Spain)

To Elina

Dear Elina, it seems very interesting to do a play about refugees to educate people and to present this issue in a more visual . Hopefully that will play very well . Good Luck.

Lorena Planella i Neus Velasco

To Elina and Maria

We think that this initiative is very original and proper to raise awareness of the situation of refugees. We also believe it is important that people know the current situation of these people to empathize with them. Thanks to the theatre, we can make the situation of refugees known in more places, and thus get more people to help.

By Elisa Vives, Irma Rodes and Míriam Puig

To Elina

We’ve loved your audio but most of all we’ve liked the way you have been able to express yourself about this delicate and sensitive situation being so young.

Any form of diffusion, whatever the case may be, it’s valid and important and you should feel very proud of yourself.

Xènia and Uriel

To Maria

Hello Maria. I like very much what you're going to do. Your initiative is a way to publish the international awareness to the smallest population who are suffering a lot. I think it is essential to create a better world filled with humble and consistent people act in favour of just causes and against violating human rights in order to make more money.

By Isaac Tribó

Strangers to ourselves

Dear Students,
I have been reading your comments and I am thrilled to find out what you think about the idea of being a "stranger".
I think it is interesting to mention that the first foreigners were reported to be women as we read in one of the proposed books for this Module (Julia Kristeva's Strangers to Ourselves). In p. 42 the writer mentions that "it is noteworthy that the first foreigners to emerge at the dawn of our civilisation are foreing women - the Danaides". They were Egyptian but they came originally from Greece. Their story goes back to Io and Hera, Zeus's wife, who who was so jealous of Io that she made her leave Greece and go to Egypt. Danaides were driven back to Greece because their fathers took up the arms against each other.
It is a Greek myth, worth reading because it depicts the way people used to view migration and vengeance in ancient times. I hope you will enjoy reading it!
Laskarina, teacher in Kesariani
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