Art Room Safety

Clay Safety

What You Should Do And Not Do!

The thing that you should not do ,is that you should keep sharp thing away any parts of your body and keep sharp things away other peoples body. You should not be playing with the tools that your teacher has given you. Know lets talk about the things that you should do. the things that you should do is that you have to wait tell the teacher has given you the instructions . When you get the things for clay you should live the tings in front of you and do not touch anything that you have on the table. you should wait on the teacher while said is doing the things that she needs to do.

How To Set Up A Clay Station

When you come in the class you should read the bored to tell you what you are going to do. When you have do that get all the tools that you need to do clay with.

Materials for clay

The things that you need for clay.

  • Plastic Mat
  • Clay
  • Water
  • Plastic Bag
  • Paper Towles
  • Kilm
  • plastic knife

Stay safe

There Many ways to stay safe.

One way to stay safe is to lisien to the teacher and follow her expations.

Another reason to stay safe to keep sharp things away things from your body.

And the last thing to stay safe is to be tokeing to when the teacher is tolking .