The Amazing Life of Harry Truman

By: Parker Searcy

To Start With

Harry Truman was a hero because he ended world war 11. While he was the 33rd president. He was also in world war I. In this article you learn about Harry's early life, when he was in world war I and, his presidency.

Early Life

Harry Truman was born on May 8, 1884 in Lamar Missouri. His family lived there until Harry was 10 months old, then moved to a farm near Harrisonville. After that in 1887 they moved to his grandparents farm. Then when Harry was 6 they moved to independence so he could attend a church school. He didn’t attend a traditional school until he was 8.

World War I

Harry wanted to got to the U.S military academy. But was not let in due to bad eyesight. He enlisted in the Missouri Army National Guard. Serving until 1911. At his induction his eyesight was an unacceptable 20/50 in the right eye and 20/400 in the left. When he tried again he passed because he secretly memorized the eye chart. In 1918 there was about 1 million U.S armed forces in France. Harry battery commander, and German soldiers had just launched a sudden attack. American soldiers had started to flee. But with his bravery Harry inspired the hearts of some of the men to stay and fight. Harry probably saved lives that day.


Harry was vice president for Franklin Roosevelt 82 days before Franklin Roosevelt died and Harry became the 33rd president of the United States. After being told that the atomic bomb test had gone successful, Harry told the U.S military to bomb Japan. It worked Japan had finally surrendered and World War II was over. One of the changes Harry made to the white house was the bowling alley he had put in. After the amazing come from behind victory in the 1948 election Harry was president until 1953.
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19 years after being president. Harry was in the hospital for a lung congestion from pneumonia. Harry died December 26, 1972. Harry was not remembered for being president, he was remembered for being a good one.

Vocab words

eye chart: Charts that measure your sight

Pneumonia: type of lung problem that effects one or both lungs