Mrs. Pierce's Post

Week of November 16

Last Week!

  • Focus Letter: Ss
  • Sight words: was, with
  • Chunk and blend review: th, sh, ch, er, ing
  • Complete sentences (cap. letters/finger spaces/endmarks)
  • Setting/character
  • Simple addition/subtraction (+, -, = signs), 5 groups
  • Making individual (predictable) stories/books
A few EXTRA special guests at our Veteran's Day program...


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This Week!

Thanksgiving is approaching and "turkey talk" is in full throttle! We will be exploring the First Thanksgiving in all ares this week! Please help your child participate in many of our activities this weak by taking time out to talk about the things they are thankful for.

  • Focus Letter: Ff
  • Sight word: they
  • Phonics: th, sh, ch, er, ing chunks and consonant blends
  • Complete sentences (cap. letters/finger spaces/endmarks)
  • Non-fiction/ BME...retelling
  • Simple addition/subtraction (+, -, = signs), 5 groups, friendly numbers

Abbey Candle Sales are due!

Coming Up!

November 19 – Body Safety Program @ AMES

November 24- AMES movie night at the ALEX

November 25-27 – Thanksgiving Break

December 7 – Abby Candle Delivery

December 15 – Kdg. Christmas Program @ AMIS, 6:30

December 18- PTO Christmas Party

Important Reminders!

  • Homework packets are due each Friday. Please sign and return in the folder.
  • Kindergarten News is sent home daily. Please return the next day completed.
  • Agendas are the MAIN way for daily communication! Please check and initial them daily.
  • $5 cash or a healthy snack (enough for each student) is due each month.
  • Lunch $ should be sent in an envelope labeled Lunch Money with your child's name, Mrs. Pierce's name, and amount enclosed.
  • If you have any additional forms or notes for the school or teacher please put in the agenda as they are checked daily. Also, make note in the agenda incase it should happen to fall out or placed elsewhere