Rapid Systems For Calico Bass Fishing Considered

Rapid Systems For Calico Bass Fishing Considered

However, with the season beginning its two-month closure on December 31st, it is time for you to begin looking at some other fishing options. The most fascinating of these alternatives may be the wintertime calico bass bite at San Clemente Island.

I must warn you though, in case your notion of wintertime bass fishing entails a day of soaking a squid on a leadhead, you are in for a huge surprise.

While Lilis was understandably reluctant to offer up any of his secret spots, he was more than pleased to clarify the nuts and bolts of fishing for big Calico Bass Fishing at San Clemente Island. "San Clemente is about a 60-mile run from Long Beach, so if the wind begins to blow while you are out there it will probably make for a really long and wet ride home. Usually check the weather forecast for the entire day before venturing out as well as remember that just because it's calm on the shore doesn't mean that it's not likely to be rough and gusty offshore."

Daily wind and swell forecasts can be located on the National Weather service site at and hourly wind forecasts can be located on the Sail Flow website. Should you be planning on making the run in a centre console, like Lilis does, it truly is best to try and schedule your excursions on days forecasted for 10 knots or less of wind and in seas that have an interval of at least twice the swell height. You can go out when there is a big swell, you just do not need to-do it the moment the big swells are actually close together.

San Clemente Island is home to a naval base and subject to closures, so it's very important to assess the position of the part of the island you think to fish before making the long haul. Island closures can be seen at

"A lot of times, the portions of the island that are shown as red are just closed for part of-the day." Lilis clarified, "If you click on the red parts of the map, it will show you the times during which each area is closed."

Regarding fishing techniques, Lilis says the conditions dictate his strategy. "The fish bite differently in the morning, or on an overcast day than they do after the sun is going. You can catch fish within the same places, but you need to change up your approach," he said. "At this time of yr, we spend a great deal of time fishing kelp beds in the backside of the island in 20 to 40 feet of water. In the morning, or when it's uncertain, the fish appear to stay deeper within the column, so I will usually throw a swimbait on a heavier head and let it sink to the bottom before winding it back at a moderate pace."