Braxton Bobo

english 2

my likes an hobbies

My hobbies include football out on the practice field,watching tv,playing video games, riding my bike around my neighborhood,driving my golf cart,playing with my dog Pete and taking walks.


Before I came to buhler I use to live in andover. I went to andover middle for about 2 years. Then for 8th grade I went to prairie hills middle school. Now I go to school here.


Im thinking of attending oklaholma state university but the only reason is because my dad went there and played collage football. When I go to collage I hope make many memories, like super awsome pranks hopefully I would have some easy classes instead of hard ball math and science


I have a mom named Cammie, a dad named Brian, a sister named Brityn, a dog named pete and a fish named kieth richerds not my idea for a fish name I would of went with robin gillaims, I have 2 aunts on my moms side, an uncle on my dads side and grandparents on both sides


my idols are not limited to, George Lucus the creator of star wars, Stan lee comic book genius, Kevin heart and jimmy Fallon masters of comedy and talk shows
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I have anxiety and I talk to myself often and im on medicine every day to help provent it and to help me focus in class


phone number 316-650-3392 email is and my instagram is imbobothekid