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My mom's advice: Be good as the Best and Better than the rest.

Always doing your best and committing to completing the rest of your assignments inside and outside of class.
Study each night. Ask yourself questions and teach to your family or friends. Generate any questions you may have which will help you understand the material.
ASK questions!

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Tutoring is available for students who perform in class and follow the rules. I am available any day that I do not have a meeting. Please make an appointment to ensure that I will be available.

Mathematics is FUN !!!!

How may I succeed?
Where can I go if I succeed?
Why should I try?
Who will hurt if I do not try my best?

We are Matematical Scholars

We can do it if we put forth our best effort and plan to be a Scholar by doing what scholars do.

1.2 Elimination method for Solving Systems of Linear Equations