ArrowHead Education System


We are a making a future ready generation. The schools offer exceptional core classes, and they also offer career path classes, where they choose what they are interested in.

The Core Classes

In our state we completely believe that the core classes shape you as a person, thats why they are core classes. At our schools the core classes are taken seriously and they are taught in a way that makes the kids want to learn.

Mountain District

The Mountain District has many electives for the children of these schools. There is 4 districts, the mountain district consists of many activities such as hiking, mining, and many more things.

Fishery Center

This exceptional learning center educates the students about the state of the art equipment that we use to get food from our coastlines. We also teach how to fish and how we also have our successful fisheries.


At each school we give the students little samples of how different jobs feel to work at. At the farming center we teach students how to plant, grow, harvest plants and to raise livestock. We show the students how farming can be used to produce food or to make clothing and medicines.

Recreation And Wildlife

Most schools have a body of water or a forest for our students to experience nature at its finest. The body of water will provide the school with an exceptional ecosystem to take care of, admire, and study.