Effective Lesson Planning & Design

Analyzing Practices to Designing Effective Instruction

Effective Lesson Design & Backwards Design

What are the most important elements of effective lesson design?


*Gather Knowledge

*Asking questions

Why are good learning objectives critical to planning effective instruction?

*Allow students to obtain knowledge of what is being taught

*Allows students to receive ways of how to use what they have learn in other aspects

*Allows students to identify what steps to take to receive understand of how to complete assignment given

Example of a good learning objective aligned with the Common Core State Standards:

*Identifying main topic to find the main idea of the text

-This is a good learning objective because students will learn that the main idea of the text or story is important

What are some common pitfalls in planning effective lessons?

*Students are not on the same level as the lesson

*Time was not allotted to complete or go deeper in the lesson

*Students do not receive the lesson as taught

How can we avoid these pitfalls?

*Teacher have students to try learning techniques that aid students

*Teacher refreshes or tailors lesson plans

How does the Common Core State Standards Initiative play a role in designing effective instruction?

*It sets the tone for teachers to be will to structure the classroom for learning

*It enables the teacher to use as a guide or reference for teaching

*It reflects how knowledgeable students are based on how they score on standardized test

Compare & Contrast Backwards Design & the Traditional Model

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Planning a Brief Lesson For 4th Grade Reading

Stage One: Planning

A. Gather Materials---word tree, reading textbooks,

Stage Two: Assessment Evidence

A. Students will demonstrate knowledge of theme of story through quiz

B. Students will demonstrate knowledge of finding and using word analysis to read words

C. Students will be assessed using standard exam at end of school year

Stage Three: Learning Activities---

A. Students will identify theme of story, drama, or poem

B. Students will use word analysis skills to read unfamiliar words

C. Students will determine main idea

Common Core State Standards:



Common Core State Standards: Georgia Standards


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