The Girl You Took For Granted


(5+2)=7 7=(THE MAGIC NUMBER)

"What are you people?" the teacher screamed at me Sapphire,Lullaby,Wren and Jax. Whilst Sapphire and I screamed in agony as our bones moved,shifted and our clothes ripped to shreds untill we had turned from humans to full grown wolves. We tried to attack the teacher but Jax turned into his Lion, Wren turned into her German Shepard and Lullaby into her Snow Leopard. Lullaby and Wren held us down while Jax turned back into a human and started rummaging through Lullaby' s bag, when he found what he was looking for he grabbed two syringes and injected the Wolves Bane into our sides. We turned back into humans and Jax took his shirt and jacket off and gave it to me and Sapphire once we came to. Sapphire and I put them on as I started to explain to the teacher.

"My sister and I come from a long line of Werewolves and we happened to inherent magical powers from an our ancestors. In our first year of middle school we met Lullaby,Wren and Jax in an unfortunate series of events that I would not like to recite we found that Lullaby and Wren are witches and that Jax is a wizard. We having magical powers, found a way to turn into animals, Jax's is a Black Lion, Wren' s is a German Shepard, Lullaby' s is a Snow Leopard,Sapphire' s is a Black Hyena, And mine is a White Lioness. The girls and I are particularly skilled in potions so we created one called Wolf's Bane that as you've seen will turn us back into humans after injected." I explained.

She nodded slowly, like we might be faking this somehow. She grabbed a knife,pulled back and brought it down on my stomach.

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Casper James Nightlock

Appearence: Strawberry-Blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. Pale skin and pale pink lips.

Personality: Timid,anxious,obsessive-compulsive,broken,deppressed,kind,loyal,quiet.

Family: No living relatives

Friends:Jax,Wren,Sapphire,Lionel,Ransom, and Lullaby.

Mate: Lionel Alexander O'Conner

Minta Freedom

Thirteen Senses - Into The Fire by Minta Freedom