The Final Countdown to the Carnival

Slime Update and Carnival Excitement!


Tomorrow is the last chance to cast your vote for who will be slimed. The gap between Mrs. Faenza and Mr. Lake closed significantly today! It is a tight race - be sure to get your money in tomorrow morning and help determine the winner!


The NCLA Carnival is tomorrow!

If you are planning on attending the carnival this week, and we hope you are, please make sure you bring cash. The vendor is working on a credit option but this isn't guaranteed.

Pricing works similar to most fairs with the exception no admittance or parking fees. Rides will require tickets. A single ticket is $1. A book of 22 tickets is $20 and a book of 50 tickets cost $40. Ride prices will vary. Bigger rides cost more, for examole, the Ferris Wheel is 4 tickets and the Loopoplane (goes upside down) is 5 tickets. The Loopoplane is the most expensive.

There will also be games for cash and fair food - think no diet! We will have a caricature artist on site to do some fun family portraits starting at $10.

The school will be closed during the carnival. We will have multiple porta pottys on site. The church directly across the street has agreed to let us use their parking lot for overflow parking. Please be sure to park in an actual marked parking space.

We hope this event will appeal to most of our families and age ranges at The NCLA. We would love to see your pictures and hear any feedback on the facebook page for The NCLA PTO.