May 8, 2020

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Message from the Principal

Prairie Families,

It's important to note that as students are becoming more comfortable with the learning platforms we are using, we are noticing an increase in the number of Webex Spaces that are being created without adults or teachers moderating them. When the students were with us in school, the devices were right there, and we would do random safety checks. In an effort that you as a parent know with whom and what your child is doing on the School District of Waukesha issued iPad, please take a look if you aren’t already doing so. Since you may not be familiar with WebEx, look below for how to recognize the spaces your child is a part of on Webex Teams as well as how you can delete/remove spaces that are not moderated by a teacher and focused on learning. Students who are found to create spaces without their teacher's knowledge may have restrictions set-up on their device. The only spaces that students should have on their ipads are the ones created by the teachers. As a parent myself, I trusted our daughters. But I also knew they were kids, and kids make mistakes. They knew that trust included me spot checking every now and then to make sure our trust was warranted. In such a virtual world, teaching children how to be safe is as critical these days as teaching them how to cross a street. One of my favorite mottos? “Doing what is right isn’t always easy, but it is always right!” Please report any technology misuse to either the classroom teacher, Mrs. Gannon or Mrs. Solberg when she returns. Thank you for reminding your child of their digital responsibility!

Mrs. Solberg, when she returns, our student services team consisting of Mr. Endsley and Mrs. Edwards, as well as our teachers and I are here for you as you navigate this. You should always feel free to reach out to us with your questions or concerns.

Mrs. Gannon

Acting Prairie Principal

Parents Monitoring WebEx Teams at Home

The images below explain how you can see the spaces on your child’s Webex Teams account. Again, if you see spaces that do not contain a teacher, you should have your child remove the space. Details on how to do this are below.

To remove your child from a space, simply swipe the name of the space to the left, click on the more, and then click on “leave space.”

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Social Emotional Learning

This week students learned about the power of Positive Self-Talk. When we are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, or anything in between, using positive self-talk can have very beneficial effects on our emotions and mental health. Students learned what self-talk is, why it helps, how to recognize negative self-talk, when to use positive self-talk, and other strategies to practice this skill.

Here are some helpful resources to learn more about positive self-talk and how to help your child master this skill:

How to Teach Your Kids About Positive Self-Talk

How to Teach Positive Self-Talk

Positive Self-Talk activities

Please encourage your child to use positive self-talk as often as possible! This week's Friday challenge encourages students to create their own "Self-talk Bubble" or "Gratitude Journal," writing down 3 things each day you appreciate.

Classroom Placement Letter for 2020-21

As we begin to plan for next year, we invite parents to review the Classroom Placement Letter which includes a link to a form to give us your input regarding your child's placement for next year. Please note that we would respectfully request that you not request a specific teacher. This information is due by May 8, 2020.

Summer School Updates

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Elementary Grading

Please see the letter below from Melissa Yow, Director of Elementary Teaching & Learning, regarding elementary grading for the 3rd trimester.

Elementary Grading Letter


Please email Mrs. Anderson in the office ( if you have moved or anticipate moving in the near future. We are working to keep our enrollment information for next year as up to date as possible.

Breakfast and Lunch Pick Up Available

Please see below for the details locations of breakfast and lunch pick up. This is available to ALL children under the age of 18.
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Blessings in a Backpack

See below for details of an additional resource available to all School District of Waukesha families.
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Waukesha Public Library Update

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Prairie Trick Show Challenge 2020

Hi Prairie Families,

In these challenging times, I thought some of the students at Prairie might enjoy a FUN challenge. The challenge was to come up with a trick shot using any type of ball or item that they may have at home. Many have taken the challenge and sent me their videos, which I would like to share with everyone. It is so fun to see how creative they can be when they are given the opportunity and I hope that you enjoy the video.

Prairie Trick Shot Challenge

If this inspires anyone to take the challenge, as it did for Mr. Haynes' and Mrs. Ferguson’s family, please send me your video and I will update this movie in a couple of weeks.

Have fun,

Mr. Booth

Technology Assistance

If you are in need of technical support during this time, please go to: This page also includes a link to the Virtual Help Desk which is being monitored by our support team.

Learning Outdoors

Our Environmental Education Department has created a weekly newsletter entitled "Learning Outdoors". Each week we will provide a few small learning or just for fun activities to engage students in nature and outdoor play.

Fox 6 Educational Programming

FOX 6 is offering educational programming on Monday through Friday at noon. The station will be airing a variety of Xploration shows. These half-hour programs are designed to inspire kids to become interested in STEM and may provide some fun and interest for families.

Here is a link to programming information:

Playworks "Play at Home"

Playworks has launched a virtual recess. It will happen 3 times a day (11am, 1pm, 3pm), Mon-Fri through Facebook live! All you have to do is like Playworks on Facebook and log on and follow along!

Do you want to play right now? Check out this link for youtube videos to all of our favorites as well as a bunch of play resources:

It is a great way for our students to break up the day, get moving, and refocus for learning! Do you have a favorite game? Take pictures and tag with #PlayAtHome or #PlayworksAtHome to teach other people your family's favorite!

*Air High Five* Coach Courtney

Message from Mr. Endsley, School Psychologist

Our school psychologist, Andrew Endsley, will be available to support families, students, and staff. Students can schedule a virtual meeting with Andrew, by clicking here. To explore a variety of student services resources, please see the Student Services Google Classroom (Join Class with student email account; Class code: 7454aar). Mr. Endsley will be available to virtually meet with individual families and students on an ongoing basis. For any questions regarding resources for COVID-19, attendance, parent resources, anxiety and mental health supports, or any other student services matter, Andrew can also be reached at (262) 970-4152 or