The Holocaust

By: Rylan Paz

The Holocaust was a scary event that happened during the time of World War II. This was a major event that marked the death of millions of people. This all was controlled by Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the leader of the Nazis; the rulers of the Holocaust camps. But this was only the beginning of his wrath.

The Nazi's torture ways were cruel and gruesome. This torture made this time much, much scarier.This involved the Nazis killing Jews in gas chambers and conducting experiments on them,also usually fatal. These experiments were conducted in concentration camps; camps made for the shear purpose of killing Jews. Some of these experiments included unearthly experiments like the Russian Sleep Experiment. Approximately 11 million people were killed.

This time marked the death of millions. Hitler was a racist man who hated Jews. Hitler was also the leader of the Nazis. The holocaust made the war harder, scarier, and took our dignity but Hitler was a man that just wanted to watch the world burn.