Let's Exercise Dana Families!

by Mr. Y

Why is Exercise Cool and Fun?

1. Exercise makes you feel better! Sometimes we all feel stressed or blue but exercise can lift your mood. How do you ask? Your body produces chemicals called endorphins that actually make you happier. 2. Exercise helps you keep your weight in check. Your body uses the food that you eat for fuel. Food has calories in it that your body needs but sometimes there are extra calories. Those extra calories can turn into fat if not used. Exercise burns up the additional calories away so you stay trim and fit! 3. Exercise keep your ticker healthy! Your heart has an important job. This job is to pump blood! Exercise makes your heart stronger so that it can transfer blood like it needs to. 4. Exercise makes you stronger and more flexible! Building good muscle to support your body and being flexible can make you less likely to "sprain or strain" muscles. Being flexible also allows you to play sports even harder! Give different activities like yoga, dance, or gymnastics a try! Source: www.kidnetic.com

5 Steps to Success

Check out how you can be healthy and fit. These steps are easy and can be used each day. This program was launched and led by Michelle Obama!
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Can you handle these fitness challenges?

Have I got a treat for you? Are you interested in games for indoors or outdoors? Is it just you or your whole family? Check out wet head games on the site below! Are you looking for fitness challenges? This website is also for you! Are you feeling like dancing and exercising? Explore the move mixer link and choreograph your own dance exercise plan!
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Tasty Recipes for the Family!

Exercising matters but so does what you eat. Some studies say that 90% of your results come from your diet. Sometimes we want to eat healthy but do not know what to eat or how to prepare food that is good for our bodies. Navigate the website below to find tasty recipes with step by step directions. Your body will thank you and your family will have a great time in the kitchen!