Ruler of Thebes .


Ruler and absolute tyrant of Thebes. I am left alone in my palace and am the reason for the death of all my loved ones, because of the decision I've made( i regret). Life is but the happiness makes. Cherish order and loyalty above anything else.

Relationship Status: Widower


Status Updates

Creon - Everyone will obey me. Everyone in Thebes will follow all my orders no matter what the consequence.

Creon- Antigone will pay for her decisions. Polyneices was an anti-Theban he deserves no burial

Creon- Girls have no say over men.

Posts from friends:

Haemon : Dad you're being unreasonable and completely unyielding and vindictive to the people of Thebes, even me.

Antigone: Polyneices deserves his burial! I don't care what you say.

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Thebes, which i am the ruler of.
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Snapshot of me and my girl .