do you love learning about and tasting wine? then this is the job for for you!

responsibilities: posses a deep knowledge and have a great understanding of wine. you may work in a hotel, restaurant or wine cellar where you will consult with chefs to decide the best planning of wines for specific dishes. you may also the an advisor for patrons, in charge of training for wine tastings.

skills/personal characteristics: extensive knowledge of wines and what goes well together. communication with staff, management and suppliers. be approachable in a professional manner. sales oriented.. recommend wines... etc

work environment: no two days feel the same, the morning is more dedicated to wine lists and the afternoon is more tasting wine that was referenced to you or a restaurant.

training and education

-have a mental and physical study with the wine

-learn to asses the wine, increased knowledge of important regions of the world

-be comfortable serving wines to customers or buyers

-start working in the industry

-achieve a sommelier certificate