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Andrew Jackson was not the great man that he wanted to be perceived as. He was not for all of the people, he was only a president for white people.

Jackson did not promote democracy as well as he should have. He replaced civil servants with people who supported him in his election which is unfair to those who really deserved the job. Yes, the people he replaced thought that their job was for their lifetime, but he did not rotate in people that could have done a better job. Instead, he rewarded those who helped him.

He also did not promote democracy when he put into effect his Indian Policy. When the Native Americans did not want to go, he had soldiers go and remove them from their homes for him in order to clear up land space for white settlers. Even when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Native Americans, he ignored the ruling because he wanted to do what he wanted and he didn't care what other people said. He also did not listen to the Native Americans who protested against being forced from their homes. He had them leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back, which was hard on them because they had to travel a long way on their feet in the cold without much food or water. Many of the Native Americans that had to leave their homeland died from the cold and starvation, which is considered now inhumane.

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The painting shows the Native Americans that were forced from their homes in the cold.