Peter and the Starcatchers

Dave Barry / Ridley Pearson

My Favorite Quote

"Molly felt it. "Don't let go!" she shouted. But Peter couldn't help it; he felt his grip weakening. "Hang on!" shouted Molly. "Just a bit more!" But Peter couldn't hang on. He felt his cold fingers separate, and suddenly he was falling again. He heard Molly shout his name, but before she got it all out he was plunged into the cold sea again. He managed to struggle to the surface and get his head up for an instant, then felt himself hurled violently forward, tumbling like a leaf in a windstorm, over and over, and then he slammed into something, then again, then again, scraping against his face. . . .

Peter a young orphan who doesn't even know his own age is about be shipped across the ocean to the King of Rundoon where he will be a slave for the rest of his life. On this certain ship there is the largest recorded quantity of starstuff in human history. Starstuff is material that falls from the heavens and grants you the ability to fly, heal wounds, or even control other people. During his voyage Peter meets a young girl named Molly. A minute after he meets her they crash land in a storm and land on Mollusk Island. On the Island Peter and Molly will have to fight of vicious pirates, an enormous crocodile, murderous savages, and evil mermaids. Will they survive or will Peter and Molly fail to protect the starstuff. Find out in Peter and the Starcatchers.


I think Woodward North students will love this book because it is a fast-paced story that will keep you filled with suspense and keep the pages turning.