January 17- Get Whitt it!

For the strength of the pack is the wolf & the strength of the wolf is the pack...

Don't look now...3 day weekend ahead!

F&P online resources

Kristen yesterday mentioned running records to a couple of teams, but just so everyone ELA is aware. We do have access to the lesson and a recording form for the packages we have purchased. Scrolling through, there are additional resources: charts, frames, word cards, etc!

I've put the user name and password in each ELA's teachers box.

This is the running record form!

Big picture

Door decor! It's timmmmmmmmmmmme!

Go ahead and take down your door decor, especially if it covers your window.


TELPAS Calibration/ February 18

If you haven't already registered for TELPAS, the 8:15 time is full. We have Dr. Spicer coming at 11, so you can't go to the 11:15 one. Ther eis an early afternoon one but this one is already full as well. Please take the 3:00pm class, and we will adjust your start time. See me for details!

On Feb 18 we will have a STAAR gen info session, Dr. Spicer and a tech presentation from Steph and Dyann. More details and an agenda soon!

MAP data breakdown

Grades 1,2,3 will have the opportunity to get a half day sub to help with their MAP data planning for the spring semester. Group by subject matter.

Please let Patty know the day, the sub, and if it's am or pm and that this is for MAP.

4th, pick your day and let Morgan and I know.

Kinder, let's talk about your options!

Morgan's Musings

Please take down your door decor...

I know, I know, it is so cute!

But we need the windows uncovered. So sorry!!

Thank you all for volunteering to help with testing. I will be making a list of who has done it/who is willing, and I will let you know as I organize!!

SHARIng some things from the Counselor's Corner


New year, same old puns.

Certificate Corner:

If you've received a pink gift certificate in your box, it's for Book Fair. Please give it to the kiddo labeled on the day of your book fair. If you'd like, let them know they're getting one so they don't have to ask for $$$ from home.

WenZenDay Corner:

If you have any thoughts, themes, or musings about WenZenDay announcements, please let me know!

Just around the Corner:

Your Wylie Way Day is Feb. 6. Next week, you'll receive a video explaining the day (with student examples). Handouts and buckets of supplies are ready, but I'll be dropping those off to you closer to the event.



Michele Frame 8

Sarah Filip 20

Autumn Matthews 22

Notes from Patricia & Patty

01/22/2019 Grade Books will open for posting of Grades 2-4 for Progress Report 3A Grades. Please have grades in your grade books by Friday 01/25/2019.

Shout outs!

  • MAP troopers! Thanks for your patience and determination in working through the kinks this week. Sounds like we're back on track and you're rocking it!
  • 2 drills, on a Monday! Hats off to YOU!
  • Bless Nurse Kim. There are some very unpleasant moments in her world, like for instance a sweet nugget with...tummy issues, that you're then locked in the bathroom with for a lockdown.
  • Thank you, Morgan, for your diffuser, your scents, and your support of said nurse with said remaining issues from tummy trouble!
  • Yea Patty for having the only working button there for a smidge for the front office. YAY technology for making it so our badges work! I've had mine on every day, hahaha!
  • Every single week we have "things" come up that require flexibility and patience, from teammates that need us, to families needing a lil'something extra. THANK YOU for always being there! #wearewhitt means we do what we can to help our Wolf pack!

Calendar Comings


18 Mother/Son night 7-8:30


22 AT out, staff meeting, alll books coin drive begins

23 Writing Checkpoint, team leader meeting

24 Power out, AP meeting

25 writing checkpoint scoring for 4th grade at ESC

28 school board meeting, book fair week begins

29 100th day of school


31 Book Fair late night, parent think tank 6-7pm

Fab Fridays in February begin!


1 SOUP-R bowls of soup provided!


5 PTA board meeting

6 Map Your Future Wylie Way day

7 Breakfasts with Dad

8 Valentines Parties






18 Staff Development day