Manatee: by Emma C.

Scientific Name: (Trichechus manatus)

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What Region in North Carolina are Manatees Found?

Manatees are found in the coastal region. The place in the coastal region where they are found is Wilmington, NC.

Other Info: The manatees travel from Florida, or their native habitat to north Georgia. North Carolina and South Carolina are also seeing some manatees along with Virginia.

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Why Are Manatees In danger of Extinction?

Manatees are very friendly and not harmful creatures. However, because of their interactions with humans they are in danger of extinction. The main cause of death is being hit with boats within the manatee's waters. Other causes are starvation or infection from scratches and wounds from collisions with boats. Calves will starve if mother is struck by a boat while nursing which affects the manatee population growth.

What is being done to protect the manatees?

The Florida Manatee Recovery Plan run by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service helps protect the manatees. These methods include: certain boat speed-zones for manatees, posting of important speed signs, making fines for too much speed, education and research, habitat protection by the public. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection makes new plans, such as for land, education, and public awareness.