Logan Samuelson

Rome, Italy

Getting There

Rome, Italy is a wonder and amazing place to take a vacation and the Boscolo Exedra Roma hotel has amazing views for your stay in Rome. The trip for Denver to Rome is expensive but worth it for $5312.10 you can fly like a king for Denver to Rome.
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Where to Stay

The Boscolo Exedra Roma is a five star hotel for your stay in Rome and the room is only $434 a night so u can have more money to spend and have fun on the rest of your adventures in Rome




Rome has many activities and places to se but one you wont wanna miss is the half day tour with no line to the Colosseum for only $72.77. there is also a three day trip to Naples, and Pompeii for $576.56 and you should not miss the wonderfully amazing views of the sea all the way.



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In 1870 Italy became its own peninsula after many years of war. Octavius Augustus brought Rome the "Golden Era" which lasted a long time and brought a lot of luxury, peace, and safety for Italy. Rome has many different ways people show there culture but one very popular way is threw food, in Rome pasta and breads are very popular and taste way to show there culture.


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There is a cuple of problems traveling to Rome one is the money sence the money is differnt u will have to bring a differnt amount then what you would have to at a place with U.S. dollars. You also have to watch out and make sure u don't go or do something your not supost to so learning the languege there would help a lot.


Over all Rome Italy is a very good place to go and there are many places to go and see and at the same time you can stay at a awesome place to stay and relax so if I had a choice I would go to Rome.
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About the Traveler

My name is Logan S. and even though I havn't traveled further then California i have always wanted to travel to Rome. The resone i choose to make a flyer about this is because some of my ansestors are Italian and ive always wanted to go to Italy and explore there wonderfull art and I have always thought it would be cool to learn Italian