Pella Middle School

News from February, 2019

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  • March 6 - 90 minute Professional Development Early Dismissal
  • March 11 - 15 - Spring Break
  • March 20 - 90 minute Professional Development Early Dismissal
  • March 27 - 90 minute Professional Development Early Dismissal
  • April 5 - End 3rd Quarter/2nd Semester Mid Term
  • April 8 - 4th Quarter Begins
  • April 15 - IA Statewide Assessments of Student Progress (ISASP) formerly Iowa Assessments
  • April 16 - ISASP
  • April 17 - ISASP
  • April 17 - ISASP
  • April 18 - Good Friday (no classes)
  • June 7 - Final School Day due to weather related No School Days
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Pella Youth Coalition (PYC) Pals - Mentoring & Role Modeling

In partnership with the Pella Youth Coalition, your student may have the privilege to work with Pella High School students starting this week. Nearly 50 junior and seniors have volunteered to ‘hang out’ with middle school students during one of their study halls. Typically, the high school students will come over to play board games, simply talk, help with homework, play in the gym (depending on gym availability), or whatever else we think up. The goals are to build positive connections, and allow an opportunity for our high school students to serve as positive role-models. Our middle school students look up to high schoolers. What an exciting opportunity for high school students to build caring relationships with our middle school students and take pride in owning and promoting what Pella Schools stand for.

Valentines Day Visit to Care Centers

Student Council delivered 12 dozen cookies and 150 student-made cards to nursing homes the week of Valentines Day.

February is Heart Month

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States for both males and females.

Seventh grade students interviewed relatives to learn about their family’s history with heart disease. Each basketball on the wall represents a family member who has been impacted by a heart condition.

Student Council Quote-of-the-Week (Feb 18-22): "Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world."

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Student Council President's Day!

Student council honors their president, Piper Eighmy, and vice president, Tatum Carlstone, for Presidents Day. Ryder Bates gave a speech to express the student council's gratitude for their leadership.

High School Orientation

Our 8th grade students are preparing for high school, and we hosted an orientation night on February 4th facilitated by our high school counselors. The students visited the high school the following day to learn more of what is to come. They all did a fantastic job, and I know this crew will be ready! Lastly, the presentation from that night is linked at the bottom of our middle school specific website, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the High School or Middle School offices or counselors.

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition

Congratulations to winners of the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition:

Girls: Aaliyah Riddick (age 13) Taylor Mousey (age 14)

Boys: Luke Hardman (age 13). Aiden VanMaanen (age 14)

Students Place 3rd at the Science Bowl

(3rd out of 30 teams in Ames)

(Seated, L-R) Stephen Gaul, Taryn Peffers, Wyatt Van Dyke (back, L-R) Donovan Helle, Kieran Van Voorst, Coach Jeff Siewert and Ames Laboratory Director Adam Schwartz.

Student Council quote-or-the-week (Feb 11-15): “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

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Letter from the President

During the 7th grade Government unit, Hayden Dubois chose to earn an 'exceeds' by writing a letter to President Trump. In his letter he outlined some things he'd like to see our government do a better job of doing, including more money to help families in need and to make more products here in the United States to create more jobs for American citizens. Hayden got a response; the President encouraged him to do his best in school each day because he is the future of our great nation. The President also said he and Mrs. Trump are inspired by people like Hayden.

SOUP-er Bowl of Caring

Over 600 cans were collected during the SOUP-er Bowl of Caring food drive this month. Student Council sponsored the drive and offered a pizza party to the 10th period class who had the most student-to-can ratio at the end of the collection.

Mrs. Blommer's 10th period class collected the most, with a 9:1 student-to-can ratio. All donations will go the Pella Food Shelf. Thank you for you support!

Snowy Classroom

Mother Nature creates a nature-al classroom for physical education classes to experience outdoor activities during the winter months.

Seventh grade students enjoy a fresh snowfall by strapping on snowshoes generously shared by the Army Corp of Engineers at Lake Red Rock.

Updates to Cell Phone Expectations at Pella Middle School for Next School Year

First and foremost, our students are doing a tremendous job with their phones this year, and I think more are realizing they do not have to be as dependent on them as they sometimes show us. To further reinforce the importance of personal relationships, we are working with students, student council, our teacher leadership team, and neighboring schools to enhance expectations and beliefs around not using them during the school day. We are considering the following expectations aligning with other schools similar to Pella Middle School.

Possible Plan for 19-20 School Year:

1st Incident - Principal/Dean of Students returns to student

2nd Incident - Parents pick up, and it is home or in the office for 5 days

3rd Incident - Parents pick up, and it is home or in the office for 30 days

8th Grade Party - April 13, 2019

If you are interested in helping plan and prepare for this year's 8th Grade Party (8GP) on April 13, 2019, please contact the 8GP facilitators.

8th Grade Party Letter LINK

Holly Kraber:

Melissa Brown:

This is something I am going to incorporate on a monthly basis, and it may be a good time to review expectations heading into spring break.


  1. Ensure you know what your students are doing online and with whom.
  2. Take a look at what your children are posting and writing once in a while.
  3. Charge and store all devices in a public space not their bedrooms.
  4. Remind them images explicit/inappropriate in nature shared with them, of them, or stored on their phones are illegal.
  5. Lastly, if you have heard anything about Momo, this is what you need to know. Momo LINK