James R. Henderson Weekly Update

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Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Dear Families,

We did it!!! Together, we made it through what is likely the most challenging school year that our community has ever experienced. This was a team effort: students, staff and families all worked tirelessly to show the resilience, optimisim, collaboration and support of each other that was required to make this school year successful. Thank you so much for all that you did to support your children's achievement and wellness all year long, and to support the James R Henderson Staff.

Thank you to everyone who brought back school technology yesterday and today: if still have school technology please bring it to the school tomorrow between 10:00 and 3:00, or on Monday or Tuesday of next week between 9:15-4:00. You may also pick up your children's belongings, Report Card, and any medication that remains at the school at that time. Any Report Cards that have not been picked up by the end of the day on Tuesday, June 29th will be mailed to you.

Best of luck to our Staff who are leaving to pursue other adventures: Mme D. MacKay, Mme Kimmerer, Mrs. Davey, Mrs. Panter, Ms. Riley-Heyman, Mme Vines, Mr. Panakkal and Mme White....we will miss you tremendously and thank you for all that you have done to make our school a great place to work and learn!

Have a wonderful summer, Hawks. It has been a pleasure leading this school together! Take care,

Mme Peart and Mrs. Davey

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Ecole James R. Henderson 2021-22 Staff


Mme Peart (Principal) and Ms. Reid (Vice Principal)

Office Administrators:

Ms. Clarke and Mrs. Krampitz

Caretaking Team:

Mr. Clark, Mr. Giffin, Mr. Lattimore

English Teaching Staff:

JK/SK Ms. Sinclair and Mrs. Beckett

SK/1 Ms. Wilson

Grade 2/3 Ms. Lloyd

Grade 3/4 Ms. Marshall

Grade 4/5 Mr. Hearn

Grade 5/6 Mr. Eardley

Grade 6/7 Mr. Nicholls

Grade 8 Mr. Morrison

Core French Mme Meehan/Mme Gabrielle Rodé

Planning Time Teachers Ms. Glenn-Hawley, Ms. Mercier, Mrs. Bailey, TBA

Student Support Teacher Ms. Mercier

French Teaching Staff:

JK/SK Mme Case et Mme Garster

JK/SK Mme Bruder et Mme Martin

JK/SK Mme Gallupe et Mme Goffaux

JK/SK M. Higginson et Mme Jackson-Grundy

JK/SK Mme Fox et Mme El Haj

Grade 1 Mme Chamberlain

Grade 1 Mme Doherty

Grade 1/2 M. Landis

Grade 2 Mme Belanger (Term 1)/TBA (Term 2)

Grade 2 Mme Hassan-Yari

Grade 3 Mme Oleschuk

Grade 3 Mme Sedore

Grade 3/4 Term 1 TBA*/Term 2 Mme Blanchette

Grade 4 M. Jacques

Grade 4/5 M. Heroux

Grade 5 Mme MacKay

Grade 5/6 Mme Goddard

Grade 6 Mme Creighton

English to Immersion Ms. Glenn-Hawley, Ms. Kivistik, Ms. Sills, Ms. O'Brien, TBA

Planning Time Teacher Mme Rodé

Student Support Teacher Mme Creighton

Primary District Learning Center Ms. Wood

Educational Assistants:

Ms. Thurlby

Ms. MacCaffrey

Mme Blackman

Mme Tremblay

Mr. Meyers

Ms. Lawrence

Ms. Dionne

Mr. Burns

Student Support Counsellor:

Ms. Fairfax

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