Reality Check

Having the right perspective

Search it, Know it.

Personally, Media to me has always been used for the point of either communication or the power of research of the world. Media gives us all the major notice of the outside world. Media could be the radio, television, newspaper, and the internet- which are commonly used resources. Not everything on there is stated to be true but most of it gives us specific answers to the questions we may be wondering about. I think media is a very powerful resource to mostly teens and something that can also be used to affect someone for the rest of their lives. Now, “ Media literate” perhaps may be the learning how to use social media and knowing how to use it correctly. Many of us aren’t aware of the things media is capable of, which is why media literacy helps us knowledge the properties and ways of how it should be used. As we all may know most of the media can always just be appearance so we should be caution of false information. To be media literate means understanding the media, it’s always important because many of us don’t know how to use it properly and should be guided as well. In conclusion, each and every one of us have our own different opinion towards what media may be or how to use it. The best thing to know is to always be careful and caution. Media can surprise you ! It may help you, inform you, disappoint you, hurt you, or even DESTROY you.
GoldieBlox - OFFICIAL BIG GAME XLVIII - Ad (Uncut Version)

GoldieBlox- Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

GoldiBlox, a commercial, Official Big Game XLVIII , (2014), illustrates that hundreds of young girls desperately want to build and create things. GoldiBlox sets an outgoing image of a young little girl starting a huge industry of a gathering of a bunch of young girls, as they each and every one carry their all-time favorite toy contently and urgently gathering it at one point with the rest of the toys creating an exciting scene for entertainment. Goldiblox persuades the imagination of young girls into believing the amusing image of the ability to build a toy. Its purpose is encouraging young, little girls to build things involving the techniques of science, technology, engineering and math in order to prevent young girls from losing interest in these subjects as they grow older. The commercial speaks out to parents whom have little girls to come out and buy the product and young girls, under the age of 8 by inspiring them to be engineers using their strategy of building enjoyable things, such as dolls and toys with different kinds of materials using a playful and entertaining tone by providing a colorful image and a cheerful song.

word count : 193

Powerful Spoken Word Of The Week: The World Is Coming To An End!

Who am I ? - Entry #4

We see money and power

Trying to cover the scars of flowers

Leaving us like cowards

For flowers are people

Whom we may always be

But how can we -

If we can’t even see

Life itself is covered in weeds

We are told to be someone were not

Because everything we want is blocked


We must all be

Should I really, if that’s not what I need?

I want to love and be me

I’m a robot, I do not want to be controlled by he

The urge of wanting,

but the entention of needing

confuses our mind

because the "wanting"

makes us belive that "We need it"

A change in doubt

Must drown my mind like a drought

A fear for all-

Must we all be rolled up in a ball

For I refuse to that, I want to crawl

Surrounded by invasion

My life is all known

For I haven’t shown

A mistake will kill the hidden black cat

The purring to your heart, as you must go

Our souls are nothing but doings and have to’s

Dying must be a relief

How to survive, when it all has been taken

Your soul is completely naked

We are nothing, standing low like the bottom of a reef

Giving yourself vs believing in yourself

One becomes blinded because of the ole’ mighty be

"We must all relax and drink some tea"

They want you how they say,

You must behave, for they will take away your last name

Faces and faces pass by

As so many memories cross my mind

The love, that she or he felt

suddenly once begin to melt

There was no tension between it and I,

For we were nothing, but strangers.

Love is fenced upon a trap

It is nowhere to be found on the map

U may not feel it, it shall vanish

For it must go by like a swish

Or else the next day you will turn into a dish

Frustration taking over us all

The world must come to an end

This has no control, please let it come to an end

The struggle of overcoming, weakens us all

We have been turned into playing dolls

Overcoming our fears, for he must treat us

Punish us for us,

We humans, are not perfect-

For he must let us be

Who am I ? ask he.

Looking back, it was great! - Entry #5

Throughout the Media Literacy course, these past couple of months, I have been very thankful for the improvement of my writing skills, and the amount of work that was taught throughout the semester that helped me acknowledge the realistic figure of life and what goes on around it. I learned many things I didn’t know, like the situations that have to do with the invasion of privacy from the government and the causes of social media. Both topics involved a lot of activities and many videos were watched that provided us with informal speeches and facts that explicit everything. I didn’t have the mind set and maturity to actually speak out in front of my peers and explain my perspective and personal thoughts, I overcame my doubt and openly expressed my thoughts. I have gained an enormous amount of experience with the use of MLA format, citations, and how to write a précis. Before, I was never concerned about the different ways of reading a paper and understanding the main message that is being informed to us, readers; until Mrs. Hicks showed us many methods in how to understand a person’s writing using criticism and personal side thoughts. This class really stood out from my past 4 years of high school because it taught me about realistic things that go on in our world today and how to solve it further on throughout my life. In high school we are required to learn about many things that we may or may not end up using after all, but I believe the course of Media Literacy will be a useful lesson that will help me in college in my future career as a teacher. Mrs. Hicks did a very great job on using many different demonstrations of the specific unit we were learning, in a way where it was understandable. The course was well taught throughout the semester, although sometimes the understanding of the novel, 1984 was at times difficult to understand. We should have had more presentations, explaining specific information so that we could do more research to be able to understand in detail what we’re learning and how to provide others with the information because we all learn in many different ways and sometimes visuals and writing notes help us memorize main focus points that we need to comprehend. Despite everything else, it was a very interesting class and our teacher, Mrs. Hicks was very detailed and an explanatory person, who went into every situation as if she were sitting in that position. We learn a new thing every day, but the things we’ve learned must they always stay.

Word Count: 440

A Dot of Reality - Entry #6

The video the Pale Blue Dot puts into perspective life as we know it. It challenges the ideal that we as humans are the be all end all and humbles us to the fact that we’re just a spec to the universe and that there is a limit to the possibilities of our creation. After watching this video I feel we should try harder to make our planet a better place, instead of going out, spending millions of dollars exploiting our universe. The video makes an incredible point, showing that how small we are in comparison to the vast universe. However, we all breathe the same air, and we all live on the same planet. We are so self-centered that we forget that we should take care of our homes, instead of byeing at war, because in reality were all inevitably hurting ourselves. I want to make sure earth is a reliable place to live, for many generations to come. I also want people to step out of the realm of social media and online. People are so caught up in this virtual world that it distracts them from the real one. There are many problems with our world today, from global warming to corrupt politics but we are caught up in materialistic things that block our mind from thinking in a realistic point. My hope is to change that. Religious or not, we are all here for a reason and I think it’s for each other. As long as I make someone else happy, I know my mark on this planet has been made. I envision a planet for my grandchildren’s grandchildren to live on. A place where there is peace, love, opportunity, and no fear to being what you want to be. I wish the world improved and progresses because currently we are not in a good situation, but that is something we need to fix as one. The world can’t change unless we change. We live on this blue dot, we control this blue dot. Regardless of our beliefs and thoughts, we all have the power to start now. Throughout many years of school as soon to be a Peachtree Ridge High School graduate, it’s weird to think about that one day I will wake up and it will all be over. My life in high school may be over, but my life continues into the real world. The real world indeed is tough, but we all should be able to overcome challenges and help each other become a better people and help our planet to be a better place for the sake of the future. We are the reason why our world is coming to an end, which is why I’m willing to put as much effort into being the best person I can be and speaking out with actions not words.

Word Count : 476