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Wednesday 25th May 2022

Message from our Principal

Kia ora tatou,

Pinehill School Cross Country

Congratulations to all of our students in Year 0 to Year 6 who ran in Pinehill Schools annual school cross country event on Monday. The weather held out and the field provided an excellent flat course with lots of viewing opportunities for the many family members who came to support the runners. All classes have been training very hard this term as part of their fitness programme and we are very proud of the effort put in by all of the children. Well done everyone. Please see the results below.

Staff Update

Our lovely Merimoana Kenrick will be leaving our team at Pinehill School at the end of this term. We are grateful for the leadership and expertise Meri has provided us over the years and will really miss Meri and everything she brings to Pinehill. We will keep you posted with a farewell assembly for Meri towards the end of the term.

Pink Shirt Day

Last Friday along with many schools and businesses throughout New Zealand, Pinehill School celebrated Pink Shirt Day. Our school was transformed into a sea of māwhero/pink as we stood together to spread aroha and kindness, celebrate diversity and promote positive social relationships. We raised $537.00 to send in and further support this organisation.

Although there had been teaching and learning sessions in classrooms leading up to last Friday, Pink Shirt Day, is for all New Zealanders to Speak up and stand together to stop bullying.

What does speak up, stand together, stop bullying mean?

Speak up

Giving voice to a problem is the first step towards addressing it. Having conversations with your friends, family, whānau, children, parents, teachers, students and wider communities is a great way to come up with ideas and strategies to address bullying. Speaking up is also about asking for help when you need it. This can be scary, and sometimes the first person you ask can’t or won’t do anything to help you. Keep asking. Pink Shirt Day shows there are many people who care about supporting you.

Stand together

Bullying behaviour is influenced by the actions and values of friends, families and whānau, schools, workplaces and whole communities. Real change happens when we stand together, sending a strong message that there is no place for bullying in New Zealand. Bullying often makes people feel alone, but Pink Shirt Day shows that many people care. Many people want to play their part in making New Zealand a safe, welcoming and respectful place for everyone, regardless of age, gender, ability, or cultural background.

Stop bullying

On Pink Shirt Day, Pinehill School had a pink mufti day so we could make a point of looking out on the sea of pink and know that together we can stop bullying.

Our school values of respect, integrity, resilience, excellence, and responsibility show that we do not accept any form of bullying.

Through our Resilience project teaching in all classrooms which focuses on Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness as well as our Pinehill Way values, we can Stand up, Speak up and Stop bullying.

If you would like to further the conversation at home, has lots of activities and discussion points, as well as further information about Pink Shirt Day.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

Success is not the work of one but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,

Carla Veldman, Principal

Cross Country

Year 1 & 2 Cross County

Congratulations to all of the Year 0, 1 and 2 children who ran in the junior cross country on Monday morning. The weather held out and the field provided an excellent flat course with lots of viewing opportunities for the many family members who came to support the runners. All classes have been training very hard this term as part of their fitness programme and we are very proud of the effort put in by all of the children. Well done everyone.

Year 1

Girls 1st Amaya France 2nd Shirley Yang 3rd Tina Dehar

Boys 1st Maxwell Early 2nd Targatai Zaseev 3rd Kyson Zhang

Year 2

Girls. 1st Eva Tangi 2nd Sophia Dixon 3rd Milla Langford

Boys 1st Nathan Jin 2nd Jayden Jin 3rd Hayule Kim

Year 3 - 6 Cross County

Well done to all of our Y3-6 runners for taking part in our cross country races on Monday. There were some outstanding performances. The Pinehill Way shone through all our runners today, including resilience and excellence. Thank you to all the parents who came out to support our runners. Our top eight athletes in the Y4-6 groups, plus some extras, will be continuing to train for the Cluster event to be held early next term.

Year 3

Girls 1st Iris Jiang 2nd Ailsa Zhang 3rd Ella Shen

Boys 1st Rocco Robinson - Lea'aetoa 2nd Tristan Wang 3rd Adam Lim

Year 4

Girls 1st Daisy Yang 2nd Mia Chen 3rd Mariya Yakovenko

Boys 1st Daniel Zhou 2nd Winston Zheng 3rd Allen Bai

Year 5

Girls 1st Miya Zhao 2nd Emily Ke 3rd Ehani Huang

Boys 1st Sean Lee 2nd Gavin Wnag 3rd Nicolas Gonzalez Rojas

Year 6

Girls 1st Lace Patuki 2nd Charlotte Penny 3rd Wateen Alhammadi

Boys 1st Nixon Robinson - Lea'aetoa 2nd Anton Zhao 3rd Will Gui

Cross Country Writing

Quickly, Amy went to the finish line because she wanted to win the race. Running around the field, Amy was running fast. She got there in 7th place. Quietly, she walked to her teacher. Cross Country was fun. Doing Cross Country keeps Amy fit.

By Amy Nguyen Room 13 (Year 2)

Pink Shirt Day - Room 7

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Big picture

The Resilience Project

It is such a “Dis!” moment when we walk through the different classes at Pinehill and see how our rangatahi are presenting their thoughts about Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness.

This week, our photos come from Room 6. We hope you love their Gratitude Tree art as much as we do.

Big picture
Big picture
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Big picture


Room 1 - Reggie Ma

Room 3 - Pusen Tang

Room 4 - Layal Mahmoud

Room 5 - Roy Wang

Room 6 - David Maher

Room 7 - Luna Zhang

Room 8 - Adam Lim

Room 9 - Siwan Kim

Room 10 - Amy Kim

Room 11 - Carlson Wongso

Room 12 - Ain Kim

Room 13 - Hannah Kang

Room 14 - Yi He

Room 15 - Jason Tse

Room 16 - Jeffery Su

Room 17 - Luka Antic

Room 18 - Shirley Dai

Room 19 - Nicholas Xu

Room 20 - Caroline Li

Winning House > Motuihe

Whakatau Monday 30th May 9.15am

All our new Pinehill School students who have begun their journey with us this term,and their families are invited to join us on Monday 30th May at 9:15am in the hall for a whakatau. A whakatau is a welcome ceremony. The whole school will gather in the hall to welcome and meet you.

A whakatau is similar to a powhiri. It is a Maori ceremony whereby the host people (tangata whenua) welcome visitors (manuhiri) to our ‘marae’- school.

New students and their families are led into the hall, where they will be welcomed.

A short speech will be made by school staff, followed by a whole school song.

Semester 2 - Breakers Basketball

Expressions of Interest for Semester 2 are now open for Breakers Basketball. Click on the link below.

Click here - Breakers Basketball Semester 2


Congratulations to the following players

Pinehill Penguins Player of the day:

Game 1 - Luke Chung

Game 2 - Adam Sng and Bogyeom Lim

Pinehill Ferns Player of the day

Melody Song.

Pinehill Kiwis Player of the day

Margarita Sukhorukova,

Darine Ahmed,

Jaehee Noh

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 25th May

  • Photolife

Friday 27th May

  • Snack Food Friday

Monday 30th May

  • Whakatau - Welcome Ceremony

Monday 6th June

  • Queens Birthday Weekend

Thursday 23rd June

  • Teachers Only Day

Friday 24th June

  • Matariki Holiday

Thursday 30th June

  • Disco

Friends of the school

It’s Snack Friday this week, yay!

We will be selling snacks in the hall foyer at lunchtime between 12.40 pm and 1 pm. Cookie $1.50 each, Juicie $2.50 each, and chips $2.00 each. From the health point of view, we suggest 1-2 snacks, and a $5 note is enough for your child. There will be NO sales of these items until 12.40 pm, when lunch eating time ends.

Next Fun Food Friday is next Friday, 3rd June. Online orders open this Saturday, 28th May; you can place your order through Kindo Online Shop. Fried rice, fried noodles, shumai, BBQ pork buns from Jin’s Dim Sum will be added back to the menu. There will be a slight increase in prices. Thank you for your understanding and support! And, thank you very much to the parent helpers!

Second-Hand Uniforms

If you have spare uniforms that your child no longer wears, please donate them for us to sell at our second-hand uniforms online store. We accept uniforms in any condition. However, we ask them to be in a clean and resalable state. Please hand in your donation to the school office. Thank you very much for your generosity!

FOPS volunteers operate this online store to raise money for the school. The volunteers gave up their time to make this possible. Therefore, the store does not have set opening hours. We try to fulfil orders within three working days; however, it can take longer. We thank you for your patience and understanding. If you require your order urgently, please email us at

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