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Student Transportation Services

April 29, 2021

Meet Dana Mundy from the Pat Raney Service Center

I had the great honor of meeting and driving along with Ms. Dana Mundy. She has a tripple tier route which takes several hours to complete. I must say, the hours went by quickly as we engaged in some great conversation. Ms. Mundy is a mother of 3 young adults, she has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is currently thinking of pursuing her masters. Driver Mundy is also an animal lover with three dogs and one cat. Please watch the video below and see why Ms. Mundy likes to drive.
Dana Mundy - why I drive

Zonar - Pre Trip and Post Trip

As you know, student safety is paramount and a large contributor to that safety begins with the pre-trip inspection which is conducted to make sure all systems are operating as intended. Please make sure you are taking the appropriate amount of time to conduct the pre-trip and post trip inspection as they are intended.

Not only is a pre-trip inspection a good safety measure, it is also mandated by District Policy DBA (REGULATION)

Below is a video which can be used as a refresher on conducting the pre and post trip sequences.

Zonar PreTrip

Web-Clock In

Per Dallas ISD Human Capital Management, District departments are able to change the option of using the Web-Clock as a means of clocking in / out each day.

There have been some noticeable issues with the web-clock process in Student Transportation Services therefore the following will now take place.

Effective May 1, 2021 the web-clock will no longer be an option for clocking-in / clocking-out for Student Transportation Services employees. All staff will be required to use the biometric clock for clocking in and for clocking out. In extenuating circumstances, where the web clock is needed, supervisor approval is needed prior to using the web clock.

All staff in Student Transportation Services must clock in and clock out daily using the biometric clock.

Hand Sanitizer will continue to be available near the biometric clocks to allow individuals to sanitize after using the clock and we strongly encourage individuals to wash their hands regularly.

Brag on a Bus Driver

Read some of the awesome comments expressed through our Brag on a Bus Driver initiative.

Macklan Bates from Lawnview Service Center

Mr. Bates AKA Mr. Sunny has been my children's bus driver for the past 4 years. His consistency as a driver for the Harry Stone Montessori Academy route provides stability for my kids and brings me peace of mind. He is great with communicating with parents and since there is an established relationship, I have the upmost confidence in his ability to provide a safe and healthy environment on the bus during a pandemic. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Sunny for the service he provides and his willingness to continue to be a bus driver during these times. Thank you Mr. Sunny!!

John Waleford from North Dallas Service Center

Wanted to speak good things about a great driver. He is kind and professional. My daughter Angel always has kind words about him,I greatly appreciate how he takes care of my baby girl..

Nino D Mitchell from Pat Raney Service Center

Mr. Mitchell is dedicated and cares about the students. He is considerate, kind, and thoughtful. I feel safe knowing that I can entrust my sons with Mr. Mitchell.

Terra Latorya Harris from Kleberg Service Center

Very friendly person and always on time to pick up the kids and always checks the students temperature and makes sure their mask is on at all times

Status of Pat Raney Service Center

There is still no change regarding the move for Pat Raney. That which was shared in a previous newsletter continues to be true; DISD is still exploring options to relocate the service center to a location which will either be purchased or an existing property owned by Dallas which can be converted to a Service Center. There is no movement planned for Pat Raney in the foreseeable near future. We will send out communication in this newsletter or via transportation@dallasisd.org as soon as anything changes. Thank you for your patience.

Meetings / Conversations

Employees who are in a meeting with other employees or with administrators may not electronically record by audio, video or other means unless written consent is provided prior to such meeting.

DISD Policy DH (LOCAL) states:

Unless specifically required by law, employees shall not electronically record by audio, video, or other means conversations or meetings.

Each person present must be notified and provide written consent to be recorded.

Cultural Tenets Training Reminder

All Student Transportation Services employees are required to complete the Cultural Tenets training. We have made the training simple and easy to follow. Please click on the button below to launch and get started.

Employee Organizations

The District's Policy related to employee organizations has been updated as of March 11, 2021. The policy is found here. Two highlights of the policy are:

Employee Organization Committee - The District has established the Employee Organization Committee(EOC) to enhance and improve communication with the employee organizations. The goal of the EOC is to allow employee organizations to collaborate, to address employee concerns, to provide input/ feedback, receive important District information, and to present proposals to the administration.

Employee organizations or their representatives do not have the authority to attend disciplinary meetings or represent District employees during disciplinary meetings. This does not preclude employee organizations from attending grievance proceedings in accordance with District policy.

Pre-Screeners at the Entrances

As district operations slowly return to normal, effective May 1, a decision has been made to retire the staff screeners who have been stationed at the entrances of many district buildings for the last several months. Their last day of work is Friday, April 30, 2021. For the safety of colleagues and guests, all employees are urged to continue to conduct daily self-screening prior to entering district’s facilities.

Bus Rules will be Posted on Every Bus

We are currently working to address an improved system for dealing with behavior issues on th buses. One of the strategies will include posting student rules for behavior on the bus. Please see the rules we have identified to post as we would like your feedback and input. You will notice the rules are specific to bus misconduct which is a Level I offense per the Student Code of Conduct. The student code of conduct covers many other offenses such as not bringing weapons on the bus, etc. Let us know your thoughts on these with the form below.
Big picture


The District continues its Attendance Incentive exclusively for the Transportation Department of $50.00 per month. We greatly appreciate our drivers who are here Monday - Friday!

New District Calendar Webinar Coming Soon!

Make sure to check your email regularly as we will soon host an informational webinar to discuss the calendar for next school year. Some campuses will have an extended calendar which will require more days of transportation service. Make sure to tune in to the webinar to get this important information. This will impact our bidding process and that information will follow after the Webinar.

Please visit the District compensation webpage Human Capital Management / Compensation (dallasisd.org) and look up Calendar Start and End Dates - if you would like to review the updated calendars prior to the webinar.

Job Fair May 15

We will have a job fair on May 15 at 5151 Samuell Blvd, Dallas, TX 75228. DISD employees who refer future CDL drivers are eligilble for a referral incentive of $200. Additionally, and Student Transportation Services employee who refers a candidate to be part of our training program at the job fair will be eligible to have their name put in for a drawing. The drawing is for an envelope filled with over $100 worth of gift cards.

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