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Have questions about how to instruct ELs virtually? Join us!

December 1st 11:30-1:30 Click here to open the meet.

Join us to catch up, ask questions, discuss topics in which you are interested about EL students and families. We have prizes for attendees! Check us out! (click button above)

Some of our colleagues and students need a reminder that we are glad that they are here (virtually or in-person.) It costs nothing to post this on your opening google slide. Some folks haven't heard this in a long time. A little kindness goes a long way!


This tool can be used to simplify complex text for faster student comprehension.

1. Select text that you would like simplified/or a webpage.

2. Open rewordify.com

3. Paste in the yellow box at the top of the page.

4. Voila! The text is compacted into an easier to read format.

Family Engagement

Want to send a quick response to families through ParentSquare or Canvas messaging? This tool will be a great resource for finding those quick translations!

If you do not see the phrase you are looking for:

1. Add it to the sheet by clicking HERE or the image below.

2. Insert the English words you would like translated in column A.

3. The other columns (except Burmese and Chin) will automatically display the word-to-word translation. (We will update Burmese and Chin as you add phrases.)

Please note that we will translate in Hakha Chin, if you have another dialect in your building, your tutor/translator can add a column and translate. This sheet will be used for the entire district.

We are better together!

Need more than a phrase?

All other translations and interpreting services can be requested quickly through our website. Please access the Perry English Learners webpage through the district website and choose "Translating and Interpreting Services". You will find descriptions of the various services we offer. (pictured below)

1. The flow charts will help you think through what service you may need and who is the most appropriate person to complete your request (your building Tutor/Translator(s) or the EL Department).

2. You may request any of these services by clicking the icon or title of the service and complete the Google form attached.

3. Your request will be sent to the EL Department and filled as quickly as possible.

4. You will receive an email with details of your request once it has been completed.

*Always check within your building for processes for absences or needs for the nurse or social worker. They have access to additional resources for reaching out to families who need interpreting.

Word to Word Translator

Same tool for Family Engagement, but this time it will be used for student instruction. This tool could be used for students' first languages.

Using the Indiana IDOE's Secondary Literacy Framework of Vocabulary Lists, I copied and pasted the first 11 words from the Speaking and Listening section for 8th grade into the tool. Then, we have word-to-word translations for key vocabulary.

To use in your classroom:

1. Make a Copy.

2. Go to Edit, clear values.

3. Paste in your own targeted vocabulary terms for your class.

REMEMBER: Not all students may have these words from their First Language depending on their education background, but it could help many students access more of your curriculum.

Big picture

Remote Reminder

When using Google Meet, please make sure to show students (and parents) that they can turn on translations!

How to PDF

Video Tutorial

HELPFUL TIP: Remember to speak slowly enough for your captions, translations, and students to keep up with you.

Coaching Sessions available

You can email/call the EL team if you have questions or need help. Your coach can co-teach with you, co-plan, be a resource for your English Learners, or collaborate with your team. The goal is to help support your instruction for English Learners in any way that we can.

EL Team

Perry Township Schools Office of English Learners

Phone number: 317-789-3720

Twitter: @PerryTwpEL

Whitney Wilkowski-Director

email: wwilkowski@perryschools.org

Twitter: @w_wilkowski

Lisa Netsch-EL Supervisor

email: lnetstsch@perryschools.org

Twitter: @CanDo_Teaching

Nichole Seal-EL Coach

email: nseal@perryschools.org

Twitter: @NicholeSeal2