Criminal Justice System

9 Basic Steps

Step 1

A crime is committed.

Step 2

Investigation and Arrest If suspect is on scene they are areested, supect not on scene a warrent is issued, or investigation until there is a suspect.

Step 3

Initial Appearance Within 24 hours, the suspect sees a judge who reviews the arrest and sets bail. If the suspect makes bial they wait for their trail at home, if not they wait in jail.

Step 4

Preliminary Hearing or Trial Information Here it is determined if the evidence is suddicient. Trail papers are issued, stating the formal charge against the defendant as well as a summary of the State's evidence.

Step 5

Arraignmet and Plea The defendant makes their plea. If the plea is guilty, skip to step 8. If plea is not guilt a trail date is set.

Step 6

Arraignment and Plea The defense attorney has time to dicover the State's evidence, witnesses, and take depositions. The defendant can also change their plea to guilty through plea negotiations (skip to step 8).

Step 7

Trial The jury is seleced and sworn in as the trial begins.

Step 8

Sentencing Once found guilty the judge will give the defendant their sentence.

Step 9

Court of Appeals If found guilt the defendant can try to appeal the ruling.