Saddle up for a Rodeo of facts

Lets round'em up!

What is a cow?

The cow is a big part of your everyday life. You may not realize it but its not only in your food but also in clothing, medicines, cosmetics, toiletry, etc. Since our land is not endless, the bones, horns, hide, hair, glands, and organs of a cattle are used in many by-products.

Beef by-products enable us to use 99% of every beef animal.

What By-Products Come From

How important are cattle to us really?

Without cattle people would barely even be able to function in life. We would not have tires for our vehicles, soap to clean ourselves, sweets to eat, protein from meat, roads to drive on, tools to work with, etc. So next time you go for a drive or take a shower just remember and thank the animals that are sacrificed for our needs in life.

Meat portions of cattle

External parts of cattle