By Daniel Wilcox



what went well was how it looked. and how it at least crossed the finish line.

and that I didn't have much troubles making the car.

I enjoyed the racing and making the car because I like hands on stuff.

and racing .

If I were able to do this again I would design it about speed. Not about looks because it was slow and I wished it went faster.

My least favorite part was waiting in line for the sanders and band saws.

And when I raced because i knew it would lose.


My best feature of the car is the looks and how far it rolls.

whats important is how much the car weights and the shape it has shape.

I know that the weight is going to. And the shape of the car is.

I think it will go around 6 mph


swiftness of rate or performance of action.

things to try not to do speeding,rapid acceleration,hard braking

Weight,shape,size, style,wheel positoin