John Brown

"I will die fighting for this cause."

His early life

He grew up in Ohio and went to many schools. when he got older he went from job to job trying to find a job he could stick with. In 1850 he got interested in slavery but he did not

pursue the goal until 1859.

Joining the fight!

In Spring 1855 the civil war had broken out and he had control of the free soil militia of Lawrence. Then later that year a group of pro slavery forces sacked the town of Lawrence. this triggered brown and his sons and 2 of his followers killed five helpless settlers. at Pottawatomie River Country. He took full responsibility.

“When I strike, the bees will begin to swarm, and I want you to help hive them.”

“This is a beautiful country.” — Spoken by John Brown while seated on his coffin, as he rode to his execution on the gallows.


Some of John Browns accomplishments are that he killed many slave owners and pro slavery forces his most famous time is the Harpers Ferry Raid.


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