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Usage and Login Info



Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS). This means our teachers load their content onto Canvas. Students log in to read articles, access assignments, take quizzes, access their Google accounts, etc. Our teachers also keep daily grades in the Canvas gradebook.

Canvas is used by all of our high schools and many universities across the nation. Anyone who takes classes at NKU knows that Canvas is the chosen LMS at the university. The system allows your student's work and your teachers' academic programming to be transparent.

Learn more about Canvas here.

How do I gain access to Canvas?

  • App access:

    • Download the Canvas Parent App

    • Open app and begin set up

      • You will be prompted to find school name---Select: Boone County School District - Parents

    • Then tap create an account

      • Fill out registration information: first and last name, email, password creation, pairing code (you will need to go to your child’s Canvas profile to retrieve the pairing code--see next bullet point)

    • Click "start participating"

      How do I retrieve a Pairing Code?

    • Have your child log into their Canvas

      • Make sure your child is logged into the Chrome browser with their student email

      • Go to Boone County Schools webpage:

      • Under “For Students” click on District Programs Dashboard

      • Select I am a Student

      • Click on Canvas app

      • Upper left hand corner click on Account then Settings

      • On Setting page select Pair with Observer (toward bottom of right hand side of page)

      • Window will open that contains a six letter/digit combination code - this code is case sensitive

      • Place this code in the parent app to complete registration process

How do I access the Canvas website?

    • Canvas parent app must be set up before you can gain access to the website

    • Your email address and password used to set up parent app will be the login information to access the website

    • Go to

      • Type in your email address and password used to set up Canvas parent app

      • You now can view and participate as an observer in all of your child’s Canvas courses

You can also view this video to walk you through the process of setting up the app and retrieveing the access code



We are replacing Kickboard with BehaviorFlip this year. BehaviorFlip was created by school administrators with a passion for proactive behavior management. We love that. BehaviorFlip allows students, teachers, administrators, and parents to see behavior concerns or celebrations and resolutions in real time so you can always be aware of how your child is adapting at school and in classes.

Parents should check their email for a login invitation from BehaviorFlip. Create your account. When the year starts, we'll create tutorial videos to show you how the program works and what to be looking for. You can also set up notifications so you are alerted when your child is struggling.

Learn more about BehaviorFlip here.


Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Infinite Campus is our student database for the state of Kentucky. All Kentucky schools use Infinite Campus to maintain student records, take and keep accurate attendance, and house student final grades.

You can obtain access to your student's account in person only (as a means of protecting your child's sensitive information from someone who should not have it). Stop by the office, bring your ID, pick up a Parent Portal login from Jill Stinson.

We will mail home report cards at the end of each quarter. This mailing will also include a BehaviorFlip report and any IEP or gifted service progress reports that are applicable for your child.