The Mississippi Alluvial Plain

Arkansas Region

Cities of the Alluvial Plain

West Memphis, AR

Population: 26,000


Location: Latitude: 34 N, Longitude 90 W

Pine Bluff, AR

Population: 49,000

Founding: 1832

Location: Latitude 34N, Longitude 92W

Blytheville, AR

Populaion: 15,000

Founding: 1879

Location: Latitude 35N, Longitude 89W Escape to Arkansas

Geography of the Alluvial Plain

Mississippi River

The countires largest river is responsible for giving the alluvial plain its rich farming soil. Visitors can camp and enjoy the sights at the Mississippi River State Park.

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Bayou Bartholomew

The worlds largest bayou resides here in Arkansas and is over 350 miles long. Lovers of the outdoors are enticed by the bayous great fishing. Outfitters also offer kayaking trips to view the array of wildlife that makes the bayou their home.
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