Bessie Smith

By: Sara Riggins

My background

I was married to Earl Love, but then we got divorced and I got remarried to Jack Gee. Jack and I adopted Jack Gee Jr. in 1926. What I like best about the 1920's is that music just started to become a big, huge thing, which I liked because I loved singing. What I least liked about the 1920's was that yes, a lot of great things happened, but I lot of bad things happened too like organized crime.

My occupation

I am a singer, I sing the blues, I also dance a little bit and I'm a comedian. People called me "Empress of the Blues," because I was born in poverty and I sung during this time.


I think that the accomplishments that I had in the 1920's was that I made a lot of money, worked with a lot of talented people, and sold a lot of records. I see myself impacting the society by my music.


Nation's return to normalcy: I think it was hard to go back to normalcy in the nation, but I think it was a good thing to some degree.

Sports Heroes, literally figures and Hollywood: People in the 1920's, this was a really big impact because a lot of people came to rise and fame.

Artist community in the 1920's: The 1920's had really big and great people who really started to be more artist and that was a time where it all began.