6th Grade Technology

Gavin Severson

Typing Web

Typing web is very fun and has a lot of activities.
Typing Web is something we do ever day when we get into classroom.
I've got'en a lot better at typing, typing faster and more smoother.


  • ITrailer is a trailer on an app called iMovie.
  • We made a trailer of something about us.
  • We had a chance to share them in class and got to see other peoples.

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck is an app that you can make slideshows.
  • We made a slideshow about are dream job.
  • It was fun to see other peoples are like and about there dream jobs.

Explain Everything

  • Explain Everything is an app you will use, you can draw on it and make a recording of what you've drawn.
  • You use a math problem that the teacher as given you and make a recording about it.
  • This add is really good if you need to explain something.
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Career Locker

  • On Career Locker we looked up are dream job, and put it on are Haiku Deck.
  • We used it to look up are information for are dream job.
  • There are hundred of things you can do and many of them are fun.


  • In Code you move the character by putting blocks down in any way you want.
  • You might want this to help you make your own app.
  • You might need this in your job
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