Technology Projects of 2015

Alyssa Swain

~Order: By Date Completed~

Collage Project - May 11

The goal of this project was to use all of your own pictures for three individual projects of different themes. Each was to include between 6 to 10 pictures. I did one as a Friends theme, another in an Art theme, and the last one in an Atherton theme. My favorite part of this project was putting the backgrounds on the collages and moving the borders. I believe my best one is my Art theme because the pictures aren't as blurry compared to the other two themes and also all of the photos are taken by me of Art I made myself so I am very proud of it. (Done on an Ipad App.)

Collage Project #1 - Friends Collage

Big image
Big image

Collage Project #3 - Atherton Collage

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Haiku Deck Project - May 4

The goal of this project was to use 10 different human qualities, creating an individual slide for each one including the quality, a quote about it or with the word in it, and an image. My favorite part of the project was finding the quotes because when I was looking through them I found that there are some really wise people out there. My favorite quote is the Selfless quote, "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." - Greek Proverb because I thought it was really wise and it expressed the word Selfless rather than just saying it. (Done on Ipad.)

Tagul Assignment - April 29

The goal of this project was to answer these questions and type the words in the spaces on the Tagul website. Then the website automatically creates the word cloud. My favorite part of the project was changing the form that the words were wrapped in. Mine is in a cat form because I love cats. I liked the question, "What's the one word I'd like others to associate with me at the end of my life?" I answered with, "Wise."

ToonTastic Fairy Tale - April 20

The goal of this project was to map out the fairy tale used for our stories, complete the checklist, and complete the story. The ToonTastic should have self drawn images and pre-made characters as well. My favorite part was making the characters move for the story, I thought it was kind funny when they jumped. This may be one of my least liked because I had to actually draw characters and I wasn't very good at it.

Thematic Assignment - February 13

The goal of this project was to create Thematic stories based on the theme "We Are Atherton" and one of our own choosing. I chose a Cat Thematic for my second one. We were to use high resolution pictures for both but use our own pictures for the "We Are Atherton" Thematic. My favorite part of the project was finding the pictures for my Cat Thematic. I preferred my Cat Thematic because I love cats, I think their just so cute!

Thematic Stories

Thematic Assignment #1

"We Are Atherton" Theme

Story Bird Project - February 9

The goal of this project was to use the Storybird app, create an account with our school g-mail, and join the class tab. Once you joined the class tab you were to look at the sample story provided and choose an artwork to use for your own story that includes a lesson. My favorite part was looking through and searching for the artwork I wanted to use for my own story because there was just a massive variety of art to look through and they were all amazing. I chose the "Do Not Steal" lesson because as a child I had actually stole a necklace from my Mom and she was really upset about it and I didn't understand until I grew up and I never want another child to hurt someone they love and end up greedy.

Canva Project - February 5

The goal of this project was to create an Inspirational Poster and a "We Are Atherton" Poster. The Inspirational Poster must have a quote with pictures we had taken ourselves or online images. The "We Are Atherton" Poster must have pictures and text related to the school and students. Both must have their own templates not the pre-made ones from the Canva site. My favorite part of this project was finding the quote for the Inspirational Poster because I decided to quote one of my favorite singers, Hozier. I preferred my Inspirational Poster because I used a quote from an interview Hozier had done and the words he spoke, I could just really relate to.

Canva Posters

Smore Biography Project - January 26

The goal of this project was to do a Biography on an influential historical or contemporary figure. We had to click on a document, make a copy of it and write on the new document to store our information on. There was also an example Smore page to get the feel of how to set up our pages. I did my Biography on Andrew Hozier-Byrne because I love his music and he when he sings he puts meaning behind it every time. This is by far my absolute favorite project I did while in Adv. Computer Applications because I've always loved researching and learning about things I love and this project gave me that opportunity. (P.S. This is my favorite performance by Hozier, please check it out if you can and It's my favorite because he seems more relaxed in front of a smaller group of people and it shows when he sings.) :D
Smore Biography

Andrew Hozier-Byrne

Blog Completion - January 16

The goal of this assignment was to complete 9 total posts with pictures and hyperlinks in each one. We were to do our best writing, reflecting on what we did, what we learned, and how it all can be applied in the future. Then we were to add our blogger links to this page. My favorite post was the Personal Pursuits post where I spoke of my life motto, "Do something today that your future self will thank you for." -Anonymous I overall really liked this assignment as a whole because it sort of took me out of my comfort zone, where I usually don't speak personally about anything.