From Milk to Cheese

By: Mary Anne


Do you like cheese? I do. If you do read this article. You might start liking cheese because

this article is tasty!!


The first step to making cheese begins on a farm. The cows eat grass and it helps the cows

perdos milk. Then the farmer milks the cow. And they put the milk in a truck and sends it to the factory.


Now that the milk is hear.The milk gets put in a mishin and they mix the cream in. Then they stir it until it looks good. then you cook it for not to long then you lay it on a table for 25 minutes. Then once it is done you shape it and it goes in a liquid bath. Then it gets sprayed with water then it is ready for the store.


Now that the cheese is hear you can buy it at hyvee or cosco. And you can put it in lots of stuff like in a sandwich or eggs and pasta.

Fun Facts

The trucks can hold 3,000 gallons of raw milk and it can make 14,000 blocks of cheese. At the stores there's about 20 to 30 kinds of cheese.


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