Three Blind Mice: Justice is Served

The Criminal Case

The three little mice accused the farmer's wife, for cutting their tails with a carving knife. The police came and made the arrest, while informing the wife of all her rights.

They went to court hearing with a grand jury and the farmer's wife appeared for arraignment.

The jury read the indictment, she was smart to establish a plea bargain.

By doing this she declared herself guilty, and could not get out on a bail before trial because she had committed a felony.

Days before the trial the mice got a subpoena ordering them to attend court.

The day of the trial both sides had a public defender whom prepared their opening statements to read in front of the petit jury and judge hearing the case.

Both the prosecution (mice) and defense (farmer's wife)had cross examination under oath and told their side of the story. Every one told the truth, nobody convicted perjury.

There were no witnesses to be presented, and there were none needed because the farmer's wife had declared herself guilty.

The judge read the verdict which convicted her to 5 years in prison.

She did not ask for an appeal, as she knew she was guilty and deserved the punishment.