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Launching Summer Reading

First of all, if you have not read Donalyn Miller's Reading in the Wild, I highly recommend it to all classroom teachers. It is an easy read and gives teachers very practical ways to encourage more authentic, choice reading.

She has a section in her book called "Launching Summer Reading" (p. 154-157). We are in the final weeks of this school year and things are starting to get CRAZY! It is important to keep the students reading and writing, so they will continue reading and writing during the summer and keep all of the skills they have built over the year.

Kim (2006) says that students can offset summer reading slumps by reading as few as four to five books during the summer months. We need to excite our young readers before we send them off for the summer.

Here are some of Donalyn's ideas for launching summer reading programs:

1. Provide opportunities for students to recommend books to their peers. You could hang recommendations in the hallways, put book trailers on the morning announcements, allow students to have book talks during your share time in reader's workshop, and add book ideas to your newsletters. Students need to see that you expect them to read and grow over the summer. It is also important for you to share your recommendations with them and ones you want to read over the summer too.

2. Encourage students to make lists of at least five books they want to read over the summer. Having your students make a list of at least 5 books gives them ideas of their summer reading plan.

3. Hold a book swap. Encourage students to donate old books to the book swap bin. I'd encourage you to set up a system where only students who donate books gets to pick books from the book swap bin. This is also a great way to clean off your shelves too. Every year I had books that were well loved and needed a new home.

4. Share with parents the importance of daily reading and encourage children to pack books for trips and errands. We need to share with parents reading needs to be done most every day. Reading for 30 minutes a day keeps students' vocabulary and comprehension growing over the summer.


Kim, J. S. (2006) Effects of voluntary summer reading intervention on reading achievement: Results from a randomized field trial. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 28(4), 335-355.

Miller, D. & Kelley, S. (2014). Reading in the wild. San Fransico, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Links to Share with Parents about Summer ELA Ideas

Importance of Summer Reading

Lots of resources for parents including booklists, parent tips, and articles.

Summer Istation

Some of you have been wondering if our students will have access to Istation over the summer, and I just double checked with the company. ALL of our students in grades K-8 will have access to Istation throughout the summer months.

Feel free to share this information with parents.

Summer Flex Hours & GT Update

Don't forget to make plans for your summer professional development hours. The C&I Department will be providing many opportunities for you to come and learn. We have things courses about reading, writing, curriculum design, and so much more. Make sure to sign up for courses that will impact your classroom and teaching next school year. It is more than checking off the box to receive your hours, it is about impacting students' learning and achievement.

The Summer Flex Hours Catalog is out! Make sure to get registered as soon as you can.