Important events in Georgia History

Tiquann Craig

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader. He made peaceful protests. He helped end segregation and he encouraged it by his speech, "I Have a Dream." He was one of the most important people to Georgia and will always be remembered.

Brown v. Board of Education

This was a major event between blacks and whites at the same school. An African American couldn't attend an all white school and the NAACP sued the whites and won. Blacks complained and said that they didn't receive the same services from the government like whites did. This helped Georgia because blacks could then go to all white schools.

Benjamin Mays

Benjamin Mays parents were former slaves. He was the first African American President of Atlanta at Morehouse College. Benjamin Mays taught Martin Luther King Jr. at Morehouse College. He made an great contribution to Atlanta. He was a great leader for all blacks in GEorgia and proved that blacks could do big things to.


During this event four black college students held the very first sit-in at an all white lunch counter in Greensboro, NC. They refused to leave until they were served or arrested. This helped the country because it encouraged blacks to stand up for what they want . It organized demonstrations to blacks throughout Georgia and led to various things.