Monday Morning Message

Glen Burnie High School Social Studies Department, May 2

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Good Morning,

This year has been exceptionally difficult for a variety of reasons, and I wanted to take the time to express to you my great appreciation for what you have done this year. With every difficulty we have faced and every curve ball thrown our way, you have demonstrated your tenacity, perseverance, and patience. Our tasks can be daunting, our expectations are high, and your professionalism is well-regarded. For that, I am incredibly appreciative of the difficult work you do on a daily basis and I'm proud to serve as your department chair.

Please review this week's pertinent information and please let me know if you have any questions.

If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching


Brandi Williams for bring back some great ideas from her AP Conference in NYC! Ms. Williams discussed these ideas at the monthly AP meeting. If you teach AP and were not at the meeting, please touch base with her.

Upcoming Dates

May 3-Faculty Meeting

May 11-Interims sent home

May 23-Government HSA Exam, Senior Exams (3A and 4A)

May 24-Biology HSA Exam, Senior Exams (3B and 4B)

May 25-Senior Exams (1A and 2A)

May 26-Senior Exams (1B and 2B) Last Day for Seniors

May 30-Memorial Day (Schools Closed)

May 31-Graduation

Gopher Flex Schedule

Monday 2B

Tuesday 3A

Wednesday 3B
Thursday 4A

Friday 4B

Things to Know

1. Ms. Berner has sent out appointment requests for the SLO post conferences. If you can not make the appointment time she sends to you, please make sure you send her possible reschedule dates and times in your response.

2. Please make sure I receive your textbook inventory count by the end of this week. Refer to my e-mail sent last week for more detailed information. The quicker I can take inventory, the sooner I can give the most accurate number to the Board to ensure we have the appropriate number of books for next year. Your help is greatly appreciated!

3. AP Exams begin this week. Please be aware of the students on your rosters who may be missing your classes due to AP testing. Be sure to wish them well!

4. MOI is out! Make the supplies we have last, because anything additional will need to be purchased with your own funds. We are still waiting on the Scantrons from the warehouse.

5. Schedules and room assignments for next year are still pending approval-stay tuned!

Question for the Week

As we tighten up our grade books to prepare for interims, please discuss with your teams how your students are doing, and if their are any commonalities seen amongst teachers, both positive and negative. If it's positive, what did we do right? How can we do more of it? If it's negative, what can we attribute to this? What can we improve on as we begin closing out the school year?


WICOR Information
Ideas for the April look for to increase the “student talk” within your classroom:
a. 4 Corners b. Philosophical Chairs c. Socratic Seminars d. Minute Speeches e. Jigsaw reading with expert groups f. Collaborative study session

AVID Student Recruitment
1. 2016-17 AVID enrollment for 9,10, and 12th grades look good
2. If you have a current sophomore with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher planning on taking Honors or AP courses and could benefit from the AVID program, we are looking for 4-5 additional students for next year so please forward me their names

College and Career Information
1. Two more “On the Spot Admissions” have been scheduled on April 21 and 22nd for Bowie and Morgan, please have seniors sign up in Guidance. If you have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for these schools, please do so before the 21st.
2. A parent fieldtrip to Goucher and UMBC is scheduled for April 28th from 8:00-2:00. Mrs. Jacobo has created a Spanish version of the invitation and will be attending the trip to translate for any parent of a junior student with a 2.6 or higher cumulative GPA in need of translation. If you know of Spanish speaking parents that may be interested, please send me the name of the students and give them the attached flier to take home.
3. In addition, fliers went home last week via student aids and those placed in teacher mailboxes to about 100 juniors advertising the trip. If you still have the fliers, please distribute these to the designated students. Emails will go out tomorrow to their parents to advertise this event as well.
4. Another college presentation day is in the works for late May/early June by none other than our very own recent graduates - more info. will be available later this month

School wide Refugee Outreach Event
b. The school-wide outreach for creating Refugee Welcome kits will officially begin on April 18th and run through the 29th - each 1A class will collect designated items to help the World Relief nonprofit co.-
c. A flier with specific details was placed in your mailbox last week so please help advertise

GBHS Mission Statement Revision Work
1. We are getting ready to move into phase 3 of our Mission Statement revision but are still in need of student and parent input across the community. We appreciate your help in recruiting surveyors

2. If you wish to be part of the Mission Revision, please join the AVID Site Team on May 10th in B201 at 2:15