The Secret Life of Bees

Author: Sue Monk Kidd

Summer Reading Project Part 1

Lexi Wagstaff 2nd Period

I chose to create an electronic poster for Part 1 of my project


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The theme of this story is centered around the bees and how their society works. The author uses the bees as a metaphor relating to the characters in this novel. For instance, August would be like the queen bee because she is the leader who takes care of everyone.


Color Scheme

I chose the color lavender, like the flowers in the background, to represent the mood of this novel, I feel lavender is an ideal choice because it can be a happy color and a sad color at the same time. It can be a positive color when you look at it as being bright and colorful, which relates to the parts of the book where Lily bonds with August, June, May, Zach and Rosaleen. But it can also be a sad and depressing color when you look at it and think of how dull it can be and how it resembles the color blue. This relates to the parts of the book when Lily remembers her mother's death, when May dies, and when Rosaleen gets beaten.

Advertising Techniques

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The Secret Life of Bees is such a great book! Everyone is reading it and so should you! Don't be the odd one out.


The Secret Life of Bees is also great because it is a New York Times Bestseller!