Your Trips Through My World

By Christina Garcia

The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building, famous for its incredible architecture and height, is a must while traveling through Manhattan, New York. This beautiful building will make you appreciate the wonders of the world and grow as a person. Although it is intimidating towering over you, it's a beautiful view your missing out on right now!

Outside, on the 100th floor, Christina gazed out and realized how amazing the world is, and how the labor of others had given her the opportunity to be there in that moment. She felt free in the wind and with that, she grew as a person.

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Striped Bass

Striped Bass is a seafood restaurant located on the Hudson River in Terry-Town, New York. The Head Manager & Chef Fermin Garcia, Christina's Father, Creates his own dishes to make anyone who goes feel satisfied and content. Try them and surely you'll come back! It's both outdoor and indoor, so you can appreciate the view of the the Hudson River, The Tappan-Zee bridge and an incredible light house all at once.

Christina moved to New York in the years 2011-2012, but having such a hard time getting used to her new life, there was little that could cheer her up. One of the few things however, was having her whole family gather together the whole day at striped bass.

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Piaxtla, Puebla, Mexico

Piaxtla is like a mouse hole in the middle of Puebla, Mexico, but the hearts of the people there make it huge. Everybody is extremely friendly and everyone also knows each other. But even if your new, they make you feel right at home the instant you arrive. On Wednesdays there's a market where the people sell exotic and interesting things, foods, and everything you can think of and need. There's a month long carnival in August. Also In December through January there are celebrations every night called "Posadas" to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but the celebrations involve the giving of food, candy, and the whole entire town gathering. Not only then, but in between the year there are so many things to

visit and see.

Piaxtla is where Christina has traveled to every year since she was a little girl. There she feels independent, and like herself. It's where shes met her closest friends, learned, played, and where she has the most memories because its where she's truly at home. It's the biggest part of her.

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