Finland, what you need to know

By: Emma Whitlow

Basic Info

Their capital is Helsinki and the flag has a white background and a blue cross.

Finland Geography

Finland is mainly flat land and and is 70% forest. It is on the continent Europe and is located near Russia and Sweden. The near by bodies of water are Gulf of Bothia, Baltic sea and Norwegian Sea. Finland has a large green house gas problem.




Finland has a high GDP of 196.2 billion.

Money Type

Finland uses a type of cash exchange called Euros. One Euro is equal to 1.10 dollars.

Imports and Exports

The main exports of Finland are oil, steel and wood.


The life expectancy of Finland is 80.63 and the birth rate is 10.4 and 100% literary rate.


Traditional & Modern clothing.

Finland is usually more fashion conscious, like dresses and suits.

Major Language

Swedish is the main language spoken in Finland.


God Jul or Merry Christmas! Christmas is a very big tradition for Finland. They have boxing day, days of Christmas, Christmas day and Christmas eve.

Main Religion

The main religion of Finland is Christianity. Many people worship it there.
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Fried Vendance is a dish in Finland, it contains fried fish, garlic sauce, herring and boiled or mashed potatoes.


General Weather

It is usually mild in July with temperatures of usually 13 to 17 degrees Celsius or 55 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit or in February -22 to 3 degrees Celsius or -8 degrees to 26 degrees Fahrenheit.



Finland was first settled around 8300 BC imminently after the ice age. (1 AD-400AD) after this Vikings attacked Finland.
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Compare and Contrast

Alike: Both countries have a deep connection to Christian churches and they are both democratic (limited) governments.

Different: Finland elected a Prime Minister who stays in office for 6 year terms, while the USA President has 4 years of turn and most of Finland is Christian while the USA has other major religions.


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