Picture Project

By: Cheryl Ulmer

The Natomo Family

The Natomo family with all of their possessions on the roof of their home in Kouakourou, Mali. The Natomo family lives in 2 mud brick houses in the village of Kouakourou, Mali on the banks of the Niger River. They are grain traders and own a mango orchard. According to tradition Soumana is allowed to take up to 4 wives, he has 2. Wives Pama and Fatoumata are partners in the family and care for the family and care for their many children together.

The Skeen Family

The Skeen family of Pearland, Texas outside thier home eith all of their possessions. Ricky Skeen 36, his wife Pattie Skeen 34, and their two kids Michael 7, and Julie 10.


They are on different sides of the country.

The Skeen family has more than The Natomo family.

The Natomo family has more than one wife and lots of kids.

The Skeen are dressed more nicer.


They are all people.

They have feelings.

They have kids.

They have mothers.

They have siblings to play with.