March To Agency

Week 5

"Macro-Structures" Of Agency

We've talked about micro-moments of agency in student-teacher interactions, but are micro-moments just happenstance? No, micro-moments often times exist because of a larger, planned macro-structure.

Dave Levin, in the Relay GSE MOOC Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms, defines macro-structures as "any intentionally created structure, system, or routine that, explicitly or implicitly, is designed to teach character."

Below, Dave briefly describes four elements of a macro-structure. As you visit classes on observations or walkthroughs, where are you seeing macro-structures of agency?

Macro-Structures Elements

Remind Me!

Remind Me, What Is The March To Agency?

At its core, March To Agency is a month-long video round-up campaign.

It's pretty simple: As you conduct classroom walkthroughs or observations this month, take a video camera, audio recording device, or just good ol' pen and paper with you.

When you see "micro-moments" of agency taking form, capture the interaction.

Remind Me, Why Are We Marching To Agency?

Agency is an essential attribute for students to develop in their growth toward self-promoting learners.

As we learn more about what agency is - a combination of demonstrating growth mindset and taking ownership for learning, we want to know what agency looks like in our classrooms. We also believe that sharing experiences is a powerful way to learn from others in our network.

Remind Me, How Do We March To Agency?

There are even more ways!

It's an easy four-step process:

  1. Be on the lookout for teachers having agency micro-moments with their students. You may have teachers who pass up potential micro-moments; share what you know about them with that teacher with the goal to capture and share one by the end of the month.
  2. Capture 2 to 5 minute videos, audio recordings, or written accounts (thanks, Beth!) of any micro-moments or potential micro-moments as you conduct walkthroughs and observations this month. Be sure you're able to capture the audio as well as the video, and as a friendly reminder, please follow your media release policy.
  3. Upload videos to your YouTube channel. Each New Tech Network account has a YouTube account associated with it. Make sure you're logged into Echo, pull up YouTube, and click the "Upload" button.
  4. Forward your video link to My additional contact information is below.

Set a goal to find, capture, and share micro-moments this month! No contribution is too small! You may shoot to capture one micro-moment this month, one per week, or even one per teacher!

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