3rd Grade News

A Wrangler Gazette Special Column


Having a BLAST in Third Grade!

We are having a blast in third grade! We are so excited to be working with each of you to make this a great year.

Our 50's party is coming up in November, keep reading and logging your books.

Also, we are looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up as their favorite book character for Reading Extravaganza on October 31st. Don't forget to bring your favorite book to show the class.

Thank you, parents, for signing your student's PDS and making sure his/her homework is complete.

Keep practicing your math facts as we race across the U.S.A.


A Rhyming Poem by Julien, Jimena and Aliyah

The leaves were like lace

casting shadows on it's face.

With rubber we would pave

the path to the huge, frightening cave.

From it's nostrils came a pink flame

for which Julian would take no blame.

Jimena called the cops with her cool stone phone.

As the beautifully scarry creature's head began to rise,

Aliyah found herself staring at it's great size.

"Wow!" she said. "What a prize!"

Ayana Haywood, Junior Journalist

The Wrangler Gazette is a student published online newsletter. This column is edited by junior journalist, Ayana Haywood. Ayana loves journalism because she loves to write. She says, "Writing lets me express all of my feelings on a piece of paper or computer."