Internet Safety!

How to safely surf the web.

Surfing the World Wide Web can be lots of fun, but there are many dangers out there and things we should be aware of when doing so. This flyer is intended to give you some helpful tips to surf without getting all wet!

Let's begin with 3 basic rules to follow.

1. Don't give anyone your student number or username.

Make sure you that you keep your student number, password or username private.

Other people may try to use your information to log in and the computer will think it's you it's talking to you. Some people may even try to do bad things to your account with your password, so keep it a secret!

2. Don't go to any web page your teacher or parent didn't set up for you.

You should never go on a website by yourself unless your teacher or a parent said it was ok. There can be bad websites out there with scary things and some can even break your computer.

3. Do not type anything on a web page unless you are told to by your teacher or a parent.

Never type in your name, address, phone number or any other information unless your teacher or a parent says it's ok.

Below is a video that will help explain why these rules are important.

Internet Safety for Kids K-3

Here are some more rules that will help you on the internet.

4. Beware of strangers!

The person you may be talking to might not be telling the truth. Be sure to say "NO" if they want to meet you, call you or want to exchange pictures. Never give them any information about friends or family either. If anything ever scares you when you are on the internet, tell your parents or teacher immediately!

5. Use netiquette or proper behavior and always be polite.

You should alway treat others how you would like to be treated, even on the internet. You should alway be nice, never use bad language and don't use all capital letters, because that's like YELLING!!!

6. Always have an adult nearby.

Whenever you're on the the internet, make sure there is always an adult, like your parents or a teacher that can help you if you have any questions or problems.

7. Always take care of your computer.

Again, you should always make sure a parent or teacher approves a website for you and don't download anything without asking them first. This can sometimes hurt your computer and you may not be able to use it for a while. You should make sure you don't eat or drink around it, so you won't have any accidents. Also, make sure you clean your computer so dust won't get inside and make it sick.

Check out this link to a website that's full of more tips, fun games and videos. Remember, have fun, but be safe!