Mr Mason Believes...

In the Apostles and the Nicene Creed

Who is Mr Mason?

Mr Mason is an assistant principle at Jubilee Primary School. He is 55 years old with four children and two grandchildren. He is a catholic and loves going to church of a weekend.

The language of the Creeds

Mr Mason said "The Creeds are belief statements and they are a common language for the catholic groups." The Creeds focus on our sake, for us and I and we. The Creeds are like a motto/mission for catholics to have something to believe in and a sense of direction. The Creeds are basically belief statements for everyone if they believe to believe in.

Timeless words to live by

The Creeds are timeless no matter where you are or what you are doing they are being spread around and becoming more popular each day. Mr Masons says that "The Creeds summarise me."he says that it conducts himself according to his beliefs and faiths. He says that the Creeds ground him as the person he is.

The bonding of the Creeds

"The Creeds are a bond/base for me and it is a feeling to be a part of something bigger." said Mr Mason. The Creeds give Mr Mason a direction and makes him feel like he has a purpose in this wonderful world. The Creed really bonds people together everywhere anywhere.

What do the Creeds mean to me?

The Creeds are like a reference point whenever i get lots or side tracked by trickery I go back to the Creed to remember that I believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Without out both the Creeds I think so many people would be lost and for something like that to be passed down for so many years must mean it is extremely important.